Several Upcoming PS Vita Titles Revealed and Rated by PEGI

PEGI rated 5 brand new PS Vita games for release within a few weeks.

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AutoCad1468d ago

All those games sound like i could get them for free..

Just kill the platform already SONY.

Inception1468d ago

"Just kill the platform already SONY"

NO. Right now i'm having a blast with Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R. And for next year i'm waiting for Gravity Rush 2, Soul Sacrifice 2, Toukiden Kiwami, Ys 8, Tales of Innocence R, Oreshika, Danganronpa: Another Episode, Hotaru no Nikki, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 2nd chapter, and Hotline Miami 2.

Haters gonna hate.

URNightmare1468d ago

I just bought Borderlands 2. Never got to play it on PS3.

AutoCad1468d ago

why? i own a freaking ps vita,tired of seeing sh**y support for the handheld.Turning into a wiiu with no 3rd party support.

killacal131468d ago

@ AutoCad

I think that developers should really pay attention to the vita, smaller, still evolving studios, could get some guidance and start producing triple A titles on the handheld to get some practice on bigger titles, all the while creating new Ip content, or experimenting on proven formulas. I really wish there was a port of Demon souls on the vita, I think it would be great if ported correctly.

HentaiMasterRace1468d ago

I agree that these type of games are annoying after awhile, but I don't think they should kill it. I feel that they should put some GoW on Vita, that will sell.

GokuSolosAll1468d ago

Medieval Defenders and Doodle Kingdom. sound like half decent Android ports or something, and so does Panda Run (I love pandas so I'll get at least this one).

Mulletino1468d ago

Playing my ps4 on my handheld while the wife watches whatever it is she watches is the bees knees

ctorretta1467d ago

Yeah I do that a lot too! I beat Diablo III, Black Flag, Infamous: SS, and I'm working my way through Dragon Age on the Vita right now.

I don't mind her marathoning Gilmour Girls when I can do that. :D

Killzoner991468d ago

Oh but I thought the Vita has no games *sigh* . It's funny , the buzz around the 3DS has been dead for some time now yet the Vita has all these games being announced and the media still hates on the Vita.

Xof1467d ago

You're kidding, right? 3DS "buzz" has been really strong lately, what with the new models, and all the big games lately--Pokemon, Smash, Fantasy Life, Persona, etc.

And the "no games" criticism of the Vita has never been "there are literally no games." It has always been "there are too few exclusive games to justify a purchase."

Which is perfectly valid. All the big Vita exclusives are pretty niche--the platform completely lacks the casual appeal its predecessor and competitors have.

And I seldom see anyone hating on the Vita... But I do see a lot of people with lots of valid complaints on how mindbogglingly poorly Sony has been handling the platform.

ninjahunter1467d ago

As much as i love my vita, this list is nothing to be using in defense of the vitas livelihood.

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