PS3 shooting victim is unemployed eBay profiteer

A few weeks ago, gamers across the country were shocked at the devotion of a Connecticut man who was shot and hospitalized during his wait for the PS3. Such a man must be extremely devoted to video games to risk his life for the latest next-gen system, right?

Wrong. A follow-up article by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reveals that 21-year-old Michael Penkala was waiting "not because he's a fan of the popular game system but because he saw a business opportunity." The unemployed Penkala, whose "only means of income at the moment is selling T-shirts, Beanie Babies and New England Patriots plush toys on his front lawn," was carrying $2,600 in cash to purchase four PS3s to resell on eBay (with the help of three friends waiting in line).

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kornbeaner4369d ago

Get a real f'n job. Now by no means does this mean he got what he deserved but, I have two (PS3's) one is being sold for sure, but by no means are they worth my life just cause i have no other means of income. Get a job, stop being a low life and realize quick money is gone even quicker.

SlaughterMeister4369d ago

so all of america comes to this guy's bedside while he recovers, and it turns out he's just another one of those greedy losers, out to make a quick buck at the expense of all the rest of us true gaming fans.

anyone who buys a system simply to sell it on ebay is pathetic.

bighed034369d ago

that was the majority of people who actually got a ps3... here and japan.

MicroGamer4369d ago

Finally an ebay scalper getting what they deserve. I hope those PS3's were worth the hospital bills that he is unable to pay. They will probably put liens on whatever property he may own and attach his wages once he gets off his butt and gets a job.

wiggles6664369d ago

I have no problem with people that sell consoles on ebay, that's how I got my 360 when they had all those shortages. So what if he's trying to make a quick buck, if people are willing to pay that much more for a product than it's worth I say stick it to em (I got the 360 for $30 above retail). If someone's willing to wait in line like a douche then they deserve to make some profit, even though when you figure the hours put in it's probably not much more than a full time job. I hope that guy gets lots of cash for the PS3's and some punitive damages for his injuries. ROCK ON UNEMPLOYED PS3 SHOT VICTIM!!!