Halo: The Master Chief Collection: New digital copies get $15 back, no such deal for day-one buyers

There is no doubt that many Xbox One gamers have either heard, read, or experienced some of the persistent issues plaguing 343 Industries’ highly anticipated video game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which released on November 11th.

Reactions to the game’s problems were so severe that both 343 Industries general manager, Bonnie Ross, and Xbox head, Phil Spencer, had to apologize for the state of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

In Ross’ apology, she stated that Microsoft and 343 Industries were going to “make this right” with their customers, compensating them for the game's issues.

However, it seems that a recent, ongoing promotion on the Xbox Store for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is rubbing salt into gamers’ metaphorical wounds – especially those that bought the game at launch.

In regards to the aforementioned promotion, it appears that individuals who buy a new digital copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection during the month of December will receive 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards credits (about $15). However, it seems that no such deal exists for those who bought the game early, which is understandably frustrating gamers who bought it at launch.

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DJustinUNCHAIND2490d ago

I already got money back from Xbox Live Rewards.

This is a promotion. These things happen all the time. What's the big deal?

DesertFoxJr2490d ago

I think the main issue many are having with it is the fact that Microsoft and 343i stated they were going to "make this right" (in regards to the Master Chief Collection's issues and arguable broken launch) and compensate those who purchased it in some currently unannounced manner.

And then they turn around and offer up this promotion (which doesn't retroactively apply), which is understandably irking most of those who bought the game early or at launch.

mhunterjr2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Would you be happier if they didn't try to promote their game during the biggest holiday rush of the year? Maybe their plan to 'make it right' will exceed the value of what they are offering.

I still don't see the logic in people buying things on day one, then getting mad when it's cheaper later... Stop buying things at launch of you are going to complain...

It's the same thing over and over...

DesertFoxJr2490d ago

It's not that they're getting mad that it's cheaper, it's that people who buy the game now essentially get money back, a rebate, while those Halo faithful who bought it at launch who were promised compensation 1) aren't eligible for the promotion 2) haven't been told of how exactly Microsoft or 343 plans to do so.

I don't even have an Xbox One, but If I did and bought TMCC at launch, given the circumstances, I think I'd be a bit frustrated.

Svinya2490d ago

Who says that early adopters of MCC won't get an even better deal soon???

GearsOfWar2490d ago

So every product that gives a promotional rebate should compensate day one buyers?

That's quite a ridiculous expectation.

Dannyh2490d ago

This promotion has been going on since October on the Microsoft store web page, It's not newI got it for each game I reserved

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Foehammer2490d ago


Some lucky ppl will get an already fantastic value for an even better price.


XboxOneX2490d ago

The massive value people got buying Halo MCC and all the hours of fun and just because MS is trying to temp more people into buying it by offering rewards to people who buy it during the holiday season. Microsoft are always giving back to the customers and still people are not happy?

isa_scout2490d ago

The problem I have and I'm sure many others share the same sentiment is that 343i and MS should take care of the players who are constantly trying and failing to connect to the servers before adding even more players. I already called MS and got a refund a few days ago because it's just not ok what their doing to this franchise,and I refuse to send the message that I'm fine with a dev or publisher releasing a broken product and fixing it over a long period of time.
I love Halo. I rushed out and bought an Xbox One a week before the collection launched, was there day one to pick up the new novel Broken Circle(which was great by the way), and was up for 4 hours after the midnight launch playing custom games with friends.... However, after waiting for over 2 weeks I began to realize that the problems facing this game are far greater than both MS and 343 are letting on. You know it's bad when they say things like, "In the next patch" when they release a patch. We're probably looking at 5 or 6 major patches before this game is where it should've been on launch day, and you're surprised people aren't happy? Of course we aren't happy, and I fail to see the value in spending $60 for half of a game when we were promised 4 fully playable games in one box. What value are you talking about?

Halo2ODST22490d ago

The game is broken, they promised compensation = no compensation for people bought the game & now new buyers get £15 for buying the game ???

ScorpiusX2490d ago

Am fine with it , besides I hate waiting for price drop BS. Early adapter is what I am

ger23962490d ago

And that's the problem, you shouldn't be ok with any game that's broken at launch. And yes people who are early adopters should get compensated or at least given the chance to return the game for a refund.

Svinya2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Sweet. Gonna use that money on Ori and the Blind Forest. Could have used the $15 on the new geometry wars, which is fantastic, btw.

Illusive_Man2490d ago

You got 25,000 credits if you preordered before it came out.

Dannyh2490d ago

it was 15,000 credits you got

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