Black Friday Wii U Sales Tell Two Different Stories

Alex says, "With Black Friday come and gone, retailers are beginning to report their findings on consumer spending back to various market research groups."

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stuna12989d ago

That sadly the WII U is not as popular as many wish it to be! Right now people are looking for games that resonate with the younger generation of game as to what they consider popular, which basically consist of FPS the likes of CoD, BF, Far Cry and others. These are games that WII U is seriously lacking at.

Personally there's nothing wrong with a games console devoted to strictly exclusive titles, but it always good to have 2nd and 3rd party multiplatform titles as well, to act as a filler. Best believe just like the Nintendo fanbase are so sure that there are exclusive titles on the WII U that other fanbases wish that they had, there are also exclusive and multiplatform titles that the other consoles have that the Nintendo fanbase wish they had.

I here all the time how Nintendo developers and consoles have the best and greatest games ever made, but truthfully; that's subjective and, perspectively speaking! Wouldn't it stand to reason that that is exactly how the competing consoles fanbases feel also!?

thorstein2989d ago

I was listening to NPR today and they were talking about how Black Friday has lost all meaning because retailers are having the sales all week long. In fact, in the past the actual largest holiday selling days of the season are the weekend before Xmas.

It is quite possible that the Wii U is doing quite well this holiday season. We won't know until the end of the fiscal quarter.

Zodiac2989d ago

"I was listening to NPR today"

That's gotta be a first for N4G.

InTheLab2989d ago

Had a nice reply all ready until I read Ylwzx3's post....

Concertoine2989d ago


There's no such thing as Nintendo Power Radio. He's referring to National Public Radio, i believe.

InTheLab2989d ago

Omg are you serious ? I know what NPR is. His joke basically killed any reason to respond.

u4one2989d ago

was that today? cuz i think i was listening to the same show... and they mentioned "grey thursday" etc

Concertoine2989d ago


Hey, calm down. Didn't know what you meant.

thorstein2989d ago


Yes, it was. I do remember them referring to grey Thursday etc. I looked to see if it was on their site, got distracted and then never looked it up.

Pretty good piece that kind of knocks down these "Console X sold Trillions of consoles" pieces.

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Concertoine2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I wonder how many wii u owners don't own another console. Im certain 90% own at the very least a 3DS.

Although from the way some act on here they don't seem to own another system lol. I still enjoy the Wii U's library the most thusfar, but LBP 3 is one of my favorite games this year and i really wish i had an xbone for sunset overdrive.

greenmeanie2989d ago

I own a wiiu, and I plan on getting a Xbox one next year. Last generation I owned both a wii and a Xbox 360. I also own a 3DS as well.

quantae062988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I don't own another console currently.

quantae062988d ago

I used to own a PS3 & Wii U simultaneously, but someone basically stole my PS3. Now I own a Wii U & Gaming PC. Sadly, I haven't been interested in a lot of games that have recently come out for the PC. But luckily GTA V & The Crew is coming to PC!!! Finally, I'll be able to enjoy my PC again. I also plan to buy The Division when it releases.

MASTER_RAIDEN2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It just upsets me so much that the wii u has been struggling the way it has. each and every day there are multiple articles on this sight which focus on sales of either of the hd consoles as if that's something for us to be proud of. the reality of it is that even though both the xbox one and ps4 as selling incredibly well, theyve had arguably the worst launch year of any generation ive ever seen. Absolutely no ps4 or xbox one games over the past 13 months have made me feel like I needed either console over the 360/ps3 And we're all sitting here arguing over which one had a better year?! lmao baring a few bright spots (Infamous second son, forza), both consoles have had the most underwhelming year ive ever seen.

Meanwhile the wii u has had a steady influx of AAA software year in and year out but absolutely no one is paying any attention. To me it really shows that what we do here as dedicated gamers/journalists is boarderline pointless. If stellar software and affordable pricing with genuine hype for quality software doesnt do it, then what does? the "im a big boy console" image the ps4 and x1 play off? Dont make me laugh.


kneon2989d ago

My problem with most Nintendo exclusives is that they tend to have very shallow characters and stories, which makes it hard for me to really care much about the game, it's just a game.

Some people have a lot of nostalgia for Nintendo but as I was already an adult by the time they came out with a console I have none. I did play their earlier games in the arcades but even those were never among my favorites.

So overall there just isn't enough there for me to even bother looking at their console, and it seems I'm not alone.

Metallox2989d ago

"it's just a game."´

I wish more games could be like this.

Kidmyst2989d ago

My Wii sat more than it was used last gen mainly because of the gimicky controls that were fun at first but fell flat. As a core gamer I just couldn't get into the controls and when the Wii U launched I avoided buying for the same reason that I know it'd sit since again they went with a control scheme not to my liking which was the big touch pad. Also my Son was too young and now he and I play on my PS3 and PS4 now and then with Disney Infinity but I don't know if the big WiiU pad would do well with him or get dropped. I have hooked up my SNES which he loves so I hope Nintendo goes back to it's roots with controllers as I'd love to play Mario games with him

N4g_null2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Lie about your specs and promise a killer for what ever game people like at the time. 60 gigs of ram and a turbo boost on an apu with a cod killer... instant sells it seems then work hard on creating bull shots that are in the game at lower res and with broken game play of and mention sand box and HBO like story and you my dear sir have 1 billion in the bank.

Will gamers be mad at you? Ahhhh who cares we made money off of the lot of them cigars to everyone!

This is what I'm seeing on the other systems this even includes the studios in sony and ms.

Hopefully this smash and grab nets them enough money to be creative and make better games because it doesn't seem like gamers are going to wake up.

It's not nostalgia. Game play is not nostalgia. Example I hated the ngc version of mariokart and I also did not like mario sunshine. The game play wasn't what I had fun with. Because of other limitations these games felt gimped.

Super Mario one works with very young kids because of game play. People that truly still love these games and still play them love the game. Nostalgia comes from art and maybe stories. This is the true reason why 3rd parties still have people willing to buy broken games.

No one emulates most ps2 games or ps1 games because they where actually bad. A classic example is sonic. The game was only good in parts yet because it was supposed to be cool the feeling gets confused with quality. Now that the hype is gone and sega is almost dead people can truthfully say so nice does suck with out too much back lash.

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recto852989d ago

CoD, BF, Far Cry ... so ppl want just a poor man's pc like ps4 or xo, cause these aren't console games.

badz1492989d ago

not everybody is a rich pc master race either!

recto852989d ago

Poor ppl don't know you need a mouse and keyboard to play fps. Let them be covered with disgrace for playing pc games on filthy pc wannabe ps bone 4. Shame on you poor ppl.

badz1492989d ago

now you sounded more or less like a scumbag Steve meme

Loadedklip2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Nope ... the only real thing that Sony and Microsoft systems have over Nintendos is full third party support.

Third party games are the biggest sellers on those systems year in .. year out.

Little Big Planet isnt selling PS4s ... Grand Theft Auto, FiFa, Madden, Call of Duty, Asssasins Creed, Destiny are.

People buy a Sony or Microsoft system knowing with confidence these games will be on those systems. Nintendo systems are lucky to get anything from third parties. No one buys a Nintendo system expecting third party games. They buy a Nintendo system just to play Nintendo games and buy a playstation, x-box or gaming PC for third parties.

Third parties aren't fillers on those systems ... they are the main course.

Watch the billion disagrees I get thanks to Sony fanboys that dominate this site.

You want the truth? ... You can't handle the truth.

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Macdaddy712989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Nintendo did it to there self
1. Controllers kids mom n dads loved the wii remote playing with family
2. They did not add enough horse power for us real gamers...
Them are the two bottom line downfall...I talk to a lot of ppl, if it's mom saying the wii u no fun cause of the gamepad, n hardcore gamers wanted next gen horse power,.
Ppl are looking at the Wii u as a wii 2.5, add on, nintendo did not hook no one this time around,
I own a wii u ps4 n X1 the Wii u plays skylander for grandson is all

For Master raided!!!! The Wii u should have 100 more AAA games then ps4 n X1, as you set there n Luao you forgotten the Wii u been out year plus longer then the other two!!!! Let the X1 n ps4 have the same time out as the Wii u then you will see AAA games more n more....
I had to reply to his post, hate dumb ur wii u n maybe post on the kids forums

PygmelionHunter2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Oh my God... You're simply PERFECT!

How can you achieve being such a compilation of all that's wrong with humanity? Just how do you gather such bad grammar, moronic statements, ignorant claims and pretending not to be underage while debating on an internet forum. All into one entity by the nothing short of brilliant name of Macdaddy71?!

I almost got cancer while reading that. It's so stereotypically perfect. *sheds tear*

yourmom29212989d ago


Please tell me you are a troll, because if you are not, I'm afraid to tell you this... you might have gone full retard.

MSBAUSTX2989d ago

Stopped reading your comment at "Nintendo did it to THEIR SELF".

jamstorr862989d ago

@Macdaddy71, your views don't represent that of 'real gamers'. Your view likely represents that of the graphics obsessed morons. For me, the Wii u is getting more game time than my PS4 at the moment. the higher quality exclusives on the wii u are simply more engaging and fun to play. this generation, so far, is highlighting the need for games that are purely fun, as opposed to the regurgitated crap we see year after year that tries to copy the template set before it (COD, Assassins Creed etc). If you need extra horsepower to enjoy truly immersive games, get a PC.

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mysteryraz112989d ago

so this basically confirms nintendo is a kiddie company

AJBACK2FRAG2989d ago

Entetainment the whole family can enjoy!!!!! Except Bayonetta 2's crotch shot's!!! You can't swear on Miiverse but a video game chracter's underwear can be spammed to death lol!!!!!

randomass1712989d ago

I looked around a lot for deals on Wii U. I was saving up for one for a friend, but the only deals I spotted were gone within minutes. There was a $260 bundle on eBay and they only had like 5000 so I honestly think that it has just as much to do with how few deals there were. :v

Concertoine2989d ago

Yeah i was gonna get hyrule warriors. I found nothing but that "buy a million things worth 50 dollars+ get one free" kinda stuff.

Probably the worst black friday for me. I just got LBP 3 for 45 bucks which is the only good deal i could find.

randomass1712989d ago

Yeah it was pretty lackluster this year unfortunately. Hopefully we'll both get lucky and find some decent deals before the year is over.

MetroidFREAK212989d ago

Instead of buying a Wii U, I bought an Ice Blue N64 on eBay for $133. I'm sure I'll be happier with that than a Wii U

Geekman2989d ago

There are many stupid things about this comment, but the stupidest is paying over 50 dollars for 19 year old hardware.

MSBAUSTX2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Completely agree. I can buy that system with a half a dozen games from my local used shop for that price. But to be honest I would rather idiots like this not polute miiverse with their stupidity.

MetroidFREAK212989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

@Geekman, Nah, it's worth it to me. A better console, a better controller, and most importantly, better games. You may disagree, but I personally don't care what you think haha

@MSBUSTX, I had a Wii U at launch. And then sold it, and calling someone an idiot over the internet? Really how old are we?

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