UGO: Too Human hands-on preview

UGO writes: "After nearly a decade of developmental false starts and console-hopping, Silicon Knights' Norse mythology-inspired steampunk tale Too Human is finally set to ship for Xbox 360s this August. Even though slightly less than two months remain before the release date arrives, a package arrived at the UGO offices last week containing a near-finished preview build of the game. After spending the weekend plunged into Too Human's stunningly beautiful universe, we've emerged with some impressions on how the final experience is shaping up."

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ry-guy3859d ago

Some issues appear to be tweakable and Q&C should clean them up.

Hope the polish brings a nice sleeper hit for us.

P4KY B3859d ago

I hope i fall into the love it camp.

Baka-akaB3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

I know , i was already in the hate camp . Dont like the design and the unreal-ish look of the engine .
Plus with the drop of 4p coop , and the expected announcement of diablo 3 , and the game actually rocking ... that little drop of interest just vanished .

Xi3859d ago

too human looks like a sci-fi diablo.

And there aint nothing wrong with that.

LaChance3859d ago

what this game gives but not exopecting it to beat any other big hack and slash already out on the market.

pumpkinpunker3859d ago

A campaign that ends suddenly and can be completed at approx level 25 when the level cap is 50 leads me to believe that there is still many more hours of gameplay they didn't ship in the preview copy.

ry-guy3859d ago

Yeah I agree. I think everyone forgets that the game has not gone Gold, and what people are receiving is a preview build. I highly doubt the game is only 10 hours long.

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