Some DLC for Valkyria Chronicles

French website Gamekult writes:

"Valkyria Chronicles will have in early August a series of downloadable content, through an update that will just integrate those bonus in the game. Priced 300 yens (less than 2 euros), the Hard EX Mode will permit you to play nine battles in Free Battle mode in a very high mode of difficulty, even more than the original game, which is not nothing.

A new episode priced 600 yen (3.5 euros) will introduce a new character with bunches, Edie, and her battalion. A new scenario for all those who wish to extend this tactic mixing action-RPG and strategy experience. It is not known at this time if the arrival of this content is also planned at the release of the game in Europe, scheduled for next fall."

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crck3854d ago

So unless Europe is getting screwed that's a typo. Good to know there will be DLC though definitely gonna pick this game up.

Sangria3854d ago

Indeed, it's a typo, please apologize.