Dead Island 2 Beta is PS4 Exclusive for 30 Days

If you bought Escape Dead Island and plan to play the Dead Island 2 beta on PS4, you're in luck - you'll get it a month earlier than anybody else.

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Relientk772986d ago

Makes sense considering Sony's the one who showed it off at E3

MRMagoo1232986d ago

I dont see the point in betas anymore, they really arent betas at all they are more like early demos, the bugs present in betas are usually still in the game at release.

I dont like the fact betas are used as a marketing tool rather than what their intended use of bug fixing.

pedrof932986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

"I dont like the fact betas are used as a marketing tool rather than what their intended use of bug fixing."

Really ? In your opinion they can't do both ?

pompombrum2986d ago

Should have bought Master Chief Collection on launch day, you'd rethink your position on betas after. Agreed though, these days most betas are nothing more than a glorified demo under the guise of a beta.

Gamer19822986d ago

prefer BETAs to demos personally as when a demo comes out servers are empty pretty much. This is the issue companies have with modern day gaming being very online. If you release a BETA you are not competing against your full game just yet. Not to mention content in BETAs are usually a lot bigger than demos..

badz1492986d ago

I like betas way more than early reviews. Beta helped me decide not to buy The Crew.

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NerdStar72986d ago

I just want a beta for Uncharted 4, along with special limited edition copies like those lucky Uncharted 2 beta players got :)

ScorpiusX2986d ago

If it we're a great game I would be pissed or annoyed but it's Dead island 2 and seeing how the first was garbage I expect the same garbage again in 2 .

PurpHerbison2986d ago

I understand where you are coming from. The first one was indeed a mess. Will the devs learn? Not very common today, but we'll see.

ps5fanboy2986d ago

Garbage?? Did you play the game? It was a pretty good game indeed.

Forbidden_Darkness2986d ago

`The developers of Dead Island 2 are actually a completely different dev team (the creators of Spec Ops the Line), so while the first one and a half games were bad... You might wanna hold your judgement and see if this is any good.

spence524902986d ago

Dead Island was garbage because the devs were rushed into making it. It wasn't what they wanted to create. You can read about it. They are making Dying Light which looks amazing. I think it will be much better than Dead Island 2. Spec Ops the line was pretty meh.

UnHoly_One2986d ago

To each his own.

Dead Island and Riptide were two of my favorite games of recent years.

My friends and I put literally hundreds of hours into those games.

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matrixman922986d ago

this reads a lot like the post I made on Neogaf about this like an hour ago lol

Agent_hitman2986d ago

Now that this game is timed exclusive for 30 days, I think the fans won't rage or complaint because it is Sony. But if it isn't, and the devs choose Xbox 1 and MS, then chances are many kiddos will be angry and flood this news with hate and curse. Just because it is MS and not Sony.

I'm just telling the truth based on my observation especially in this site.

Saito2986d ago

It works both ways. Not N4G, but the gaming community.

ThePope2986d ago

You are 100% right. This would be completely unacceptable if it came a month early on the X1. Though from comments on this site and around the web the X1 fanbase seems to be more mature.

gangsta_red2986d ago

Definitely true, we would get a huge influx of MS is ruining the industry or money hatting conspiracies.

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