Hands on socom: Confrontation, Madden NFL '09 - PSNation Podcast episode #67

In this episode: PS3Fanboy editor Majed Athab gives a report on the Madden 09 Press Event in Midtown Manhattan. Also, Joystiq's Andrew Yoon reports on socom: Confrontation.

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the_RED_SCARE3760d ago

God...this Summer/Fall is going to RULE so hard. Socom, Madden, COD...I'm melting, I'm melting!

Pizza The Hut3760d ago

has anyone else noticed that EVERY madden game looks exactly the same as the year before, just with .01% graphical improvement lol...if you want to play madden 09'...go ahead and pick up Madden 07'..its the same thing

the_RED_SCARE3760d ago

They've improved player models, stadiums, shaders, player physics etc. I'm pretty sure that Franchise will be the same but how much more can you add to that...and hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLINE LEAGUES!