Metal Gear Dominates European Charts

MGS4 has already sold more than one million copies throughout Europe, boosted by No1 chart entries in Germany, Spain and Sweden, according to the latest data from Media Control GfK and Dataspelsbranschen.

Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii, Square Enix's PSP exclusive Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, LucasArts' Lego Indiana Jones and Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV made top ten appearances in all three charts, while Brain Training, Wii Fit and Wii Play recorded multiple entries.

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Wildarmsjecht3760d ago

A game this good deserves it's sales. Good to see people are continuing to buy it in respectable numbers each week, steadily increasing it to that 7 million mark it's predecessors managed. Not like it sold a crapton first day/week and everyone forgot about it . >.>

chasegamez3760d ago

your right
now its going by way of mouth
just like uncharted
go mgs4 go

ThanatosDMC3760d ago

Yeah, i've seen some ads on TV... but it looks like crap compared to playing and watching it on our PS3s. Or it could just be the $3000+ piece of crap 56" SDTV in my parents living room.

wolfehound223760d ago

Thats nice this game defiantly deserves this. I'd imagine this will stay in the top ten for quite some time.


This is a stellar title, and Kojima deserves and his team deserve all the success their gonna get, I hope it sells more than a lot of the other over-hyped chart toppers that have been coming out recently

No names need be mentioned.

These guys put a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication into this title, and it shows.

Cannot say it enuff, Great Game.

Peace out gamefans.

Cartesian3D3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

bubbles for you.. they deserve even more ( for their 24/7 effort to make a LONG Brilliant STORY,amazing Gameplay, shiny graphics.. etc ) just thanks.. gaming world needs you guys (Kojima,Blizzard.. )

they are rare .. Support their GEM product to see them being among US for along time..

shadowghost7523760d ago

It deserves these great sales

user8586213760d ago

Hehe tell me something i dnt know ;)

user8586213760d ago

bubbles dude!!! kewl joke cried maself laffin!!!! :D

sleepyk3760d ago

it's never coming to 360, so there.

juuken3760d ago

Not coming to the 360 xbaby.

MaximusPrime3760d ago

no??? oh come onnnn. i wanted to see that "insert disc 2" "insert disc 3" etc etc

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The story is too old to be commented.