1600 Live Points for $4.99 with Halo 3 pre-purchase.

Get down to Best Buy now and get 1600 Live points for only $4.99, the thing is you have to pre-pay in full for Halo 3 when it is released. Is it worth it? If you were going to buy Halo 3 anyway (come on, you know you were) then it is. you're going to have to wait anyway, but at least you'll be guaranteed to get one on release day and the Live points give you something to do until then.

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Marriot VP4341d ago

i think this is the deal I've been waiting for

death monk4341d ago

After preordering Gears of War at GameStop and them not having it the first day, I'll definitely be preorder Halo 3, just as I did Halo 2, at Best Buy.

death monk4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

I just went to Best Buy and the electronics guy said they weren't doing this. I was quite disappointed.

edit: ohhhh it's online only

Asylumchild4341d ago

The person working there said that they havent got eny in yet and there not sure about the free points so HATE TO BUST YOUR BALLON!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4341d ago

For my $65-$110 they should give it to me free.