CRC Formula 1: Game made for disabled users

CRC Formula 1 is the result of a project that brought together a number of organisations, most importantly the CRC School in Dublin, where the goal was to allow the students of the CRC ( many who are wheelchair bound, or have major movement difficulties, and therefore can find it difficult to play regular games ) to help out with the design of a game.

This including having a virtual version of their custom wheelchair as the main character, and also many other game related tasks such as choosing the name of the game, the story, the various pickups within the level etc.

A MAJOR challenge of this project was to have the whole game playable with just a single click ( one of our best testers from the CRC School only had movement of his head ). This type of game is known as Switch Gaming.

With just a single input, we all had to come up with a type of game that would be fun to play, easy to pick up, but also challenging and non-repetitive.

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