Piracy Ahoy: Two swashbuckling classics for your pleasure, Cap'n!

Remember back to the golden ages, when men were men, and parrots were ace.

Gamingverdict's Sirclive discusses two of the greatest pirate simulators known to man: Monkey Island, and Sid Meier's Pirates! Swash your buckles and polish your parrot, it's time to sign for a trip toward the seven seas... Hit the link for the full read over at

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coolfool3762d ago

One of the funniest, fun, and many other F's (f**ing great) that a game can be.

The dual of wits was legendary!

Pornlord3762d ago

The new Sid Meier Pirates! is great as well, graphics overhaul. It really is an offshoot of Pirates! Gold for sega genesis and Master system. Monkey island is a classic though, I agree with him on just about every point, if you like pirate games, which I do, then he's spot on.

coolfool3761d ago

I haven't actually played it but I might just check it out.

FreestyleBarnacle3761d ago

That's the second greatest game I've ever seen!