Hey EA, No One In Australia Cares About Rock Band 2

Kotaku writes: "Rock Band 2. Recently hinted at, and now confirmed, I'm sure most of the world is as excited about the sequel as it was when Guitar Hero 2 was announced by Activision.

Well, everyone in the world except Australia. Yes, 7 months on from its US release, we're still waiting for Harmonix's rhythm game to debut here. 7 months on, EA has failed to provide any reason for the delay, or even a vague street date, leaving us to feed desperately on retailer estimates. 7 months on, and resentment continues to build for both publisher EA and developer Harmonix."

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wolfehound223765d ago

7 months thats just crazy. That doesn't make any sense.

coolfool3765d ago

Or am I just speaking for myself when I say the answer is "NO!"

Cryxen3765d ago

People who think Rock band is a game are the same people that call glorified masturbation "cyber sex"

sa_nick3765d ago

I've heard of people hating RB because they think its "just a game" and people should learn real instrument. But I dont think I've ever heard someone say its not a game.

But yeah, 7 months is crazy. Really, it'd be better to skip RB1 completely and just get a simultaneous world wide released on RB2.

resistance1003765d ago

Europe is still waiting for the Ps2/Ps3 and Wii versions of Rockband as well

jlytle12343765d ago

Its not like they speak some special language. Australia gets screwed all the time in the gaming industry. If its not prices its release dates.