Eurogamer: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Round 12

It's that time again. Eurogamer's ongoing coverage of the latest developments in cross-platform gaming continues apace, as five brand new releases are put to the sword. The aim here is simple: to supplement existing review coverage with additional commentary based on any technical and gameplay differences we might happen to find. An exhaustive range of HD screenshots supplement the piece, derived from HD video of each game. Where 1080p is supported (either natively or via scaling), additional galleries are included - so that'll be just one this time, in the form of LEGO Indiana Jones.

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InMyOpinion3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

V-sync problems, bad framerates and lack of anti-aliasing - the trademarks of PS3...

Yeah I know, it's the developers fault.

she00win993859d ago

RROD, last gen. hardware (dvd), $50 online service - trademark of xbox360..

yeah i know it's Microsoft's fault..

Vip3r3859d ago

Actually, the 360 has more screentearing (v-sync) than PS3 games fyi.

InMyOpinion3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

From the Grid comparison:

"there's 4x multisampling anti-aliasing to round off those edges and make for an even smoother experience... on Xbox 360, at least."

"However, the most major difference between the two games is the level of screen tear. Discussion about this aspect of the PlayStation 3 version first kicked off when the playable demo was first unleashed. While Xbox 360 was generally solid, PlayStation 3 owners were slightly perturbed by the lack of v-lock, resulting in some pretty obvious screen tear not seen on the competing platform. Indeed, from our measurements, around 30 to 40 percent of the 60Hz output of the PS3 was torn frames."

What were you saying? The 360 might have more screentearing in your head, but in reality it's the other way around.

It feels good to know that I'm playing the best versions of the games, not having to go buy something that is "not as good as on 360".

Vip3r3859d ago

I was talking about other games having lots of screentearing not just grid.

But as for you're fanboyish comment:

"It feels good to know that I'm playing the best versions of the games, not having to go buy something that is "not as good as on 360"."

I'd much rather have a reliable console with slightly poorer graphics (only just) than a ticking timebomb that scratches disks and costs £40 a year for online play.


InMyOpinion3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

"I'd much rather have a reliable console with slightly poorer graphics (only just) than a ticking timebomb that scratches disks and costs £40 a year for online play."

I actually had RROD once, but I got it fixed for free and had the 360 back in less than a week. No problems since. I don't pay for online. I don't have that much time on my hands, and if I do I use scratch cards that come with games that gives you 1 month free gold membership etc. I have loads of them lying around. I haven't encountered disc scratching yet so I can't comment on that.

If you think the PS3 is the better choice then that's the console you should get.

The END3859d ago

told the RROD issue always arises! too predictable....

why all the hate people?

Chris Bosh3859d ago

Maybe this is do to dumass developers who cant develop on the ps3.
Thats why theres screen tearing on the ps3 versions.

AceLuby3859d ago

Comparing Lego Freaking Indiana Jones... Who the [email protected] cares? I can't believe some of the stuff on here. The differences are not noticible (unless you are a fanboy), it will have almost no impact on sales (also only matters to fanboys), has no impact on gameplay or the fact that it is a mediocre game at best.

Then it turns into a MGS4 thread... yet again...

gumgum993858d ago



liquidsnake3858d ago

the most fun part is, despite all that stuff the reviewer was talking about, I couldn't see any difference in those games except for the lack of AA in Overlord (PS3 version).

thesummerofgeorge3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

This whole article is pure fanboy bait, and as far as a basis for judging the quality of either console it carries no weight, just a few lines for fanboys like Jenzo up there to quote and spew out like a trophy for his favorite console. Who cares which has more screen tearing when playing Indiana f*ckin Jones.

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Redlight3859d ago

It's pretty close these days but I must admit that I'm surprised the 360 is still consistently better than the PS3. We've all assumed right from the start that the PS3 is more powerful, but on multi-platform games (and that's about 95 or all games) the 360 is probably the better choice.

Tunerboy87323859d ago

Its because the 360's hardware is alot easier for game developers to work with than the PS3.The only people that know how to fully utilize PS3's hardware right now is sony.Thats why multiplatform games look better mostly on the 360.

Bucky Sligo3859d ago

Is that a strength or weakness of the PS3?

T_O873859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

AT #1

have you seen MGS4 1- no V-sync problems as far as i know
2- Solid Frame rate
3- i cant spot jaggies so it must have good AA

how can you blame me if i think its the developers fault when there games suck and i see games like uncharted , MGS4 and many other games with minimum problems or no problems whatsoever

pornflakes3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

So you must develop 3-4 years on a PS3 game to make a 5 hours single player just to fix these problems?..

YES, thats bad hardware when you need so much time.

Mc Fadge3859d ago

Honestly now, it's a great game, but that's way too far. Look at any of the shadows, or cables hanging across the streets.

MonkeyMaan3859d ago

But not below 30fps, and I think during cut scenes it goes up to 60fps.

However, when the camera is in different angles it shoots up to near 60fps by the looks of it (Try going top-down and running, much smoother). Also, put on NV and it is also much smoother. Just wish it was a solid 60fps all the time!

ElementX3859d ago

Guess the PS3 vaseline filter didn't take the jaggies away?

InMyOpinion3859d ago

So you only play exclusives? Sounds boring.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3859d ago

if you made it through on your first time in 5 hours then you were playing gears of war! You have no idea what it takes to do that on the easiest level let alone big boss extreme there are so many alternate routes you could go in circles for hours. You've got to be an expert for that time especially if your going for the no kill, no alert, no continue, no health items.

MGS4 murks everything out on console! Plus its being compared to everything on console, you don't wanna compare gears, uncharted, haylo, mass effect, rfom, bioshock none of that to MGS4.

I really hope MGS4 comes to the 360 so you all can stop hatin and start participatin!!

TresTrendu3859d ago

Ok first off, MGS4 is not smooth and it does have framerate issue's. The framerate issue's are more noticable in cutscene's which i find odd. And don't get me started about the bad A.I.

SKullDugger3859d ago

I think SONY needs to step up and help 3rd party Devs.It will benefit both of them. SONY's in house Devs. have made great games and thats because they have had more time to work with the console and their budgets are bigger. The 3rd party Devs. can't alows afford the extra time to make a game for the PS3 and if they do they are not as good as the 360 version because they want to release most titles at the same time.

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pornflakes3859d ago

with "RRoD" You just show the ppl in here how stupid ya ps3boys are.. totally unintelligent comment for this kind of topic.

And in EVERY TOPIC where a game comparison is, somebody stupid writes "RRoD" down, haha. Just because once again the PS3 got owned.

The Only game you can open ya mouth is Movie Gear Solid 4 and you compare that game with Halo3/ Gow, lol!

Shadow Flare3859d ago

here's a thought for you to dwell on. 'Inbred' and it's relation to you.

Capt CHAOS3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

easy.. You're immaturity is showing.

Edit: Your comment: "here's a thought for you to dwell on. 'Inbred' and it's relation to you", I see it took you a while to think that up.
Your first comment before the edit was 'shut up'.

Shadow Flare3859d ago

Yeah well, inbred is such a nice word. I can't be bothered to make decent comments on fools like him. Sorry

juuken3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Shadow, pay no mind to pornflakes. It's not worth it.

karlostomy3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Yup, I agree man.

I have just lost count of the number of times the SDF has gotten completely and utterly defeated by facts, comparisons and statistics and then their only reply is....

"bu bu teh cell... OMG RROD teh suxorz"

I can virtually guarantee that in each and every news post where the ps3 looks bad *even in the slightest* some tosspot from the SDF camp will resort to their last vestige of hope: The lame 'rrod' comment

It just shows what a bunch of pathetic losers they are.

I guess that's all they have.
I pity them.

ThatCanadianGuy3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

The only people spewing bullsh!t facts are 360 fanboys,then when a PS3 owner replys with ACTUAL statistics,facts,reasons why the 360 is overhyped.

90% of the time,the 360 fanboy reply is

PS3 has no games.
PS3 sucks.

alright,well give me a technical reason why the PS3 sucks?

As for games,i MUCH prefer..

Godfather:dons edition
Resistance fall of man
Genji days of the blade
Heavenly sword
Motor storm
Gran turismo 5
Metal gear solid 4


halo 3
Bioshock (multiplatform soon)
mass effect
gears of war.

and the fact i can use the internet on my PS3,browse some vid' em to my HDD.

Or i could use linux,skype,[email protected],PSP Wi-Fi connection etc.

PS3 delivers on it's hype.

karlostomy3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

O_o dude. wtf?

You do realise you posted in a thread on a story about eurogamer doing comparisons of about 50+ Multiplat games on both the the 360 and ps3?

Isn't that a fair comparison, laced with framerate analysis, texture analysis, gameplay analysis to an absolute 'nth' degree?

Yet right here are the SDF who cry foul, just because they don't like the result?

I am sorry Man, but the PS3 fans have their denial googles stapled to their faces. Just look through these posts for confirmation.

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