RockBand 2 Arriving First to 360

Harmonix representative has stated RockBand 2 will debut first on 360 and "other consoles" later in the year.

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chasuk084834d ago

Who cares guitar hero 4 will be out !!

Lifendz4834d ago

The first one had the instruments. WHy not just keep adding music instead of releasing a whole new SKU?

Oh and this is MS purchasing timed exclusivity. That's what you have to do when you don't have a diverse portfolio of in-house devs like Sony does.

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Ben10544834d ago

yeah that was lame,
oh well if they do make more movies the ps3 version will be better

harrisk9544834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

So why release first on Xbox 360? "Microsoft has been a great partner throughout the launch of Rock Band in the last year and their continued support is instrumental in supporting the more advanced features and cross title compatibility we will have in Rock Band 2,"

The answer is: MONEY! But, as with GTA4, I think that MS is again wasting its money... How many people are going to spend $170 AGAIN on a bundle. And, anyone that already has the game from last year can still play and download new songs. So, I have 2 questions: why pay for timed exclusive on a game like this? and Why would there be a timed elusive situation at all on a game like this?? it's not like its a story driven game that everyone is going to run out and buy on launch day! It will be a holiday purchase for most and I would think that it will be out for all consoles by the Xmas season.

N2NOther4834d ago

Guitar Hero is vastly inferior to Rock Band in every way possible...Sure GH4 is a step in Rock Band's direction, but the only plus is the drum set actually having cymbals...The create a track feature is only going to be used by real musicians and won't have the crossover appeal they're hoping for...

I'm actually surprised they're doing a Rock Band 2, seeing as how they said it wasn't going to happen, but the reality is that with Guitar Hero 4 copying them so blatantly, they need to do something to keep it viable...

As for people buy it again, you have the Guitar Hero selling for $100 a pop what? Twice a year? In 4 months there's ANOTHER one coming out.

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TheRocker91224834d ago

but I like RockBand more :)

butterfinger4834d ago

pulling me to Rock Band 2 is the fact that we will be able to use our DLC from the first Rock Band with Rock Band 2. I thought that was a pretty impressive idea, and I really hope they lets us use the same instruments we already have. If that is the case, I will pass on Guitar Hero 4 entirely.

predator4834d ago

yeah that is a good feature and 1 i hope activision will have a second look at

benny o klaatt4834d ago

here on n4g says the instruments are compatible! w00t!!

harrisk9544834d ago

And at least Harmonix is not milking people like Activision. I mean, it seems like GH has a new game and bundle every 3 or 4 months!

thor4834d ago

Can I ask what's the point in sequels to these type of games when they're all the same and you can download additional tracks anyway?

harrisk9544834d ago

Plus, new periperhals and more features in-game. Although, I would think that most features could probably added via a patch. We'll have to wait and see what Harmonix has in store for the game. Probably at E3.

season0074834d ago

that way they save a lot of costs and each 10dollars patch sold is all they earn...and they don't screw up people with rock band 1 2 3 4 5 as well

they are simply too greedy

chasuk084834d ago

I think that its going to be rockband in america and guitarhero in the rest of the world