Are we paying for unfinished and broken games? | Bristolian Gamer

Short editorial about the recent releases that have been less than great due to frame rate problems and multiplayer.

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brewin3492d ago

Very good points for sure. Devs and publishers have pushed the limits to condition us gamers into thinking it is ok for them release unfinished product. Then when a company delays a game for polish, people complain about the delay. So because of the "need it now" generation, all gamers suffer by dealing with unfinished but still released games. The industry is headed for another crash with this crap going on, its sickening.

Then, when a company does released highly polished, finished games people simply dont buy them. Its the same reason why mc donalds sells more food while that local high quality restaurant is closing down. People just dont care about quality like they used to. We have been conditioned to accept less and that's why companies get away with this junk.

samcoles123492d ago

Thanks for the feedback. :)

samcoles123492d ago

Thanks for the feed back. :)

Remy_S3492d ago

Its gotten to the point where I'll wait one to two months before purchasing a game just so that's its all patched up and in working order, and sometimes even that is not enough time.

samcoles123491d ago

Yeah that's why I tend to wait for a couple of months or so before I even think about buying a triple A release these days.


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Rainbowcookie2h ago

If this doesn't have the original soundtrack in a rock flavor then it's a real missed opportunity


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