Are zombies coming to the Battlefield franchise?

The zombie mode is something that Call of Duty always had an edge on Battlefield. Now it could be that DICE decided to also add zombies in Battlefield.

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JudgmentJay1544d ago

A bit far fetched "info" but the idea of flying over zombies in a chopper while rainin' down on them is appealing

Kingsora1544d ago

What do you mean far fetched? The tweet talks about The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead are zombies, so why would they tweet it?

Adexus1544d ago

Because The Walking Dead mid-season finale airs tonight, perhaps?

EZMickey1544d ago

It is far fetched. If it turns out to be true, that's cool, but I wouldn't read so much into this tweet. Slow news day for these fools.

King-u-mad1544d ago

Zombies in battlefield would be as bland as any other zombie able game... Why not just give us a co op mission mode like Onslaught in bfbc2. Or a full co op campaign with multiple routes and player customization like resistance 2's co op.

EZMickey1544d ago

I'll be honest, if they added hordes of swarming zombies with the AI of Left 4 Dead but on the scale of Dead Rising so as to make the best use of BF's large maps, I certainly couldn't call that bland.

ovnipc1544d ago

Now 32 or 64 players coop killing massives waves of zombies on the big maps could work.

JoGam1543d ago

For battlefield, I want them to be World War Z type of Zombies. LOL

bmf73641544d ago

I think the concept of dinosaur co-op would be better. In a chopper chase from a T-Rex would be awesome.

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JudgmentJay1544d ago

Just meant that I'll need a little more info to go on than
"At night, your ears become your best weapon. #TheWalkingDead" before I start expecting zombie mode that's all

Relientk771544d ago

Hopefully they don't and be original

BiggerBoss1544d ago

Yeah, I would hope there's enough creative talent left at DICE to where they could come up with something new instead of just ripping off of their competitor.

Kingsora1544d ago

I like your way of thinking :)

Yi-Long1544d ago

Zombie-kittens please. Millions of zombie-kittens. Fear the purring! Being mauled to death has never been cuter!

FITgamer1544d ago

Yeah because regular dinosaurs just aren't deadly enough. /s

Rimeskeem1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I dont see the point. Creative but what would the difference be if they were zombies?

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Relientk771544d ago

Dinosaurs would be friggin awesome

BiggerBoss1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Battlefield with Dinosaurs??

Sir, please send your application in to DICE

Concertoine1543d ago

it was actually a big rumor back in the BF3 days. It all spun from the initial trailer where the soldier is looking at a toy dinosaur and people jokingly said there's dinosaurs in BF3.

But really, it would be pretty refreshing in this world of constant zombies and would be smart too since dinosaurs always get big for a bit after a new Jurassic Park

Number-Nine1544d ago

How about doing something different instead of copying.

Lord_Sloth1544d ago

If it's just a horde style then yeah, that's copying. But who's to say that it would be? The options aren't all that restricted. They could do a whole campaign mode with it.

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