Rock Band 2: The Opening Act

Rock Band is ready for a comeback tour. Today, Harmonix announced Rock Band 2 is set to ship for Xbox 360 this September and PS3 later in the year. However, the official announcement of Rock Band 2 is sparse on details. IGN went straight to Harmonix to learn more. They spoke with Lead Designer Dan Teasdale to get the full scoop on the sequel.

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Omegasyde3763d ago

I hope the same DLC for Rockband 1 works for Rockband 2.

erodrig3763d ago

i hope so cause damn that will suck real bad to not being able to do that

Kausdt3763d ago

"Before you start deleting the dozens of tracks you've downloaded for the first Rock Band, know that RB2 features ground-breaking cross-title compatibility. There is no distinction between Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 DLC. Any DLC you've previously downloaded will instantly work with Rock Band 2 and all DLC will continue to work with the original game from here and into eternity."

Wow, Harmonix are pretty brave. They know RB2 will be very good, so they don't have to make any cheap tricks to make it sell. Wow.

butterfinger3763d ago

it looks like PS3 owners are getting the shaft from Harmonix for a couple months. Unfortunately that means our holiday season will be jam packed with games.

benny o klaatt3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

so RB1 dlc and drums will be working for number 2.
thats all i need to know, instant purchase for me.

queen - hammer to fall
pantera - walk
korn - anything from the first three albums

would be sweet dlc (doubt i'll ever see anything from terrorvisions hows to make friends and influence people :(

will the first rock band now make it onto the ps3 over here in europe??