Dragon Age: Inquisition freecam mod allows for some truly gorgeous screenshots

Over the weekend, Gamer Headlines reported on a recent Dragon Age: Inquisition mod (technically a hack via CheatEngine table) that allowed for total “freecam” control of the camera, allowing PC gamers to play the game from a perspective akin to Dragon Age: Origins’ isometric/tactical view.

While that is perfectly fine and dandy, it appears that some more artistically inclined Dragon Age: Inquisition players are utilizing the aforementioned freecam mod to capture some truly captivating screenshots of the game.

In particular, a reddit and Flickr user by the name of “Berduu” has employed the aforementioned Dragon Age: Inquisition mod in his game and taken some gorgeous screen captures from the game.

Honestly, it's tough to shake the fact that they were taken directly in-game seeing as they look more like concept art or paintings.

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Anthotis2490d ago

Hopefully, the modders will be able to fix and finish EAware's game for them.

Primal2490d ago

Yea, it's a real shame about the PC version. I hope they'll be able to fix the bugs. I've only experienced the sound cutting out on PS4. But pressing the options button then resuming fixes it, so it's only ninor. My GOTY so far.

PiNkFaIrYbOi2490d ago

Only the pc version? Across all platforms people are experiencing various bugs.