Pedophile Uses World of WarCraft to Meet Girls

An Australian man was arrested recently after he convinced a 15-year-old girl he met while playing World of WarCraft to run away from home to be with him. He even paid for the trip. How sweet.

The 31-year-old Anthony Taylor formed a relationship with the less-than-half-his-age girl, which eventually led to sexual messages and phone calls. The girl's father found out about the relationship and threatened to kill Anthony, so Anthony did what any self-respecting pedophile would do - he sent her a plane ticket and some money to cover the cab fare.

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vitz33761d ago

Guess what?
Pedophiles use Yahoo! chat, MSN Chat, and countless other chat rooms to meet girls online.

This story is f**king lame. Just because it's WoW the media and politicians try to slap their flag onto this.

Get a life.

Twizlex3761d ago

I find it disturbing that the thing you are upset about is the mention of WoW in the story and not the whole bit about the dude being a pedophile. You're doing more to tarnish the image of gamers than this guy did.

Statix3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Twizlex: Amen to that. It's getting to the point where it's the gamers who are overly defensive, whiny, and politically-correct, about their favorite, beloved obsession.

The story is about the perverted pedophile, not about your dumb MMO game, guys.

Twizlex3761d ago

I also find it disturbing how many people disagree with that statement.

CrazzyMan3761d ago

is 16 years old guy dating or having sex with 15 years old girl - pedophile?
is 18 years old guy dating or having sex with 15 years old girl - pedophile?
is 22 years old guy dating or having sex with 15 years old girl - pedophile?
is 25 years old guy dating or having sex with 15 years old girl - pedophile?
is 29 years old guy dating or having sex with 15 years old girl - pedophile?

i mean, what is changing? The c0ck? =))) With years a guy become a pedophile? =))

thewhoopimen3760d ago

I agree. Our pedophile laws need to be relooked at. I can understand pedophillic acts are atrocious when it comes to really young children, but 15-17 year old? Considering that used be a marrying age in the earlier parts of this century and legal elsewhere in the world still to this day... I wonder why it was implemented? And is it wrong for a 20year old to have relations with a 16 year old?

Tomdc3760d ago

people like that also use real life to meet girls...

zPlayer3760d ago

what tees me off is that this aussie only gets a slap on the wrist. he should be raped by every guy in those prisons down there.

Skerj3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

@1.4 and 1.5

Because they're f*cking kids still that's why, hell even at 18 they're still mentally kids. Just because they develop quick as hell now doesn't mean you go off and screw them, go find someone closer to your age. What in the world can they offer you that someone 20+ can't? Highschool homework?

jadenkorri3760d ago

hell, im 27 and dating a 20 year old, anything wrong with that, i don't think so but when i was 22, she would of been 15 years old... dating would of been totally inappropriate, but if we were to be dating, would it make me a pedophile, hell i dunno, its really all on the person intensions, which is hard to prove and parents are gonna keep their daughter away from anyone older anyways, personaly everyone should date within a cpl years of age, but then id be breaking that

InMyOpinion3760d ago

Maybe she can teach you how to write properly.

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ChrisGTR13761d ago

i cant beleive there was actally a girl playing wow. lol

the_RED_SCARE3760d ago

There is a HUGE population of female players in WoW.

LJWooly3760d ago

WoW is just about the only MMORPG that females will openly admit to playing.

Prototype3760d ago

Female gamers are still a myth

Anyways there are female gamers in WoW; on the other end of the character is a 32+ year old 400+ lb idiot who lives in his mommys basement.

Pizza The Hut3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

World of WarCraft will steal your soul..consume all of your time...and kill any personal life you once have been warned!!! it should contain that warning with every game purchase

Twizlex3761d ago

And you will be stalked by pedophiles, you forgot to mention that.

ChrisGTR13761d ago

im pretty shure most people that play wow didnt have a personal life to begin with so their fine with it. now theyve got something to do.

SL1M DADDY3761d ago

Sorry, but having two children of my own, I would like to see every pedophile strung up by their privates and beaten within an inch of their lives then thrown in jail to rot. It's just a sick person if you ask me.

Luca Blight3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

but you never thought about (or did) hook up with 17 year old girls (not because they were 17, just because they were hot) when you were in your late teens/early 20s? If you ask me, the problem with the whole pedophile thing is the conservative/holier-than-thou nature of the US. The rest of the civilized world has reasonable limits set for "statutory rape". Even the UK which is pretty conservative has it at 16.

thewhoopimen3760d ago

You shouldn't have termed it holier-than-thou. I think it is kind of strange considering the US has so many happy Christian fundamentalists who happily arrange their kids off to marriage at 14. Which conservative wing is maintaining that anything under 18 is considered pedophilism?

Luca Blight3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

The whole family-first, girls are innocent and naive and have to be protected faction.

The whole mandatory minimums with respect to statutory rape is ridiculous in my mind (especially with the bar set so high compared to the rest of the civilized world - France, Germany, Spain, Sweeden, United Kingdom, etc. - basically everywhere). Sure, there should be some penalties in extreme cases where predation is actually proven but in most cases there should definetely be a measure of leniency given to the defendant. It should not just be, "oh you had sex with a minor, you have to serve __ years, no questions asked".

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