$299 Price Drop Xbox 360 Is Refurbish? (Bwah?)

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku says, "Previously, we posted a Kmart ad indicating a price-drop in the Xbox 360 line-up. The ad, purported to hit July 6, shows that the model that comes equipped with a 20GB hard drive, formerly known as the 'Pro' version, will be priced at $299 US. That's a $50 price drop from its current MSRP. A Gamestop employee has tipped us with what looks like further confirmation that the lower priced Xbox 360 is hitting. Pictured is the $299.99 Xbox 360 SKU in the Gamestop inventory screen. While the tipster isn't sure what the bundle contains, we imagine it will be everything that's in the "Pro" version. Here's the kicker: Apparently, this cheaper Xbox 360 is a refurbished console as the product description reads..."


From Kotaku: "Update: Several Gamestop employees have altered us that the retailer has been running this refurb deal for the past month or so, thus negating anything it has to do with the rumored price-drop Xbox 360. Nothing to see here! Move along, move along."

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TheHater3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

is that even legal? Those xbox 360 are just going to get the RROD again if they weren't fix right. I hope people are inform when the buy these systems.

MikeGdaGod3760d ago

if this is true, that's pretty f*cking disgusting

mikeslemonade3760d ago

In their defense these refurbs might be more reliable since they already been broken and then fixed with the new heat syncs and then tested.

But where's my free online!? $300 doesn't sell me without the free online.

beavis4play3760d ago

it's legal as long as ms makes it clear on the box that what is being sold is a refurbished product. if they are trying to resell them as "brand new" then that's illegal.

SL1M DADDY3760d ago

Mike, have you had to send your console in for repair? You get one of MS's famous refurbs back when you do and typically, it is those consoles that die within a short period of time. Sorry, but there is no defense for MS's poor refurbs, only heartache for those caught up in the runaround of having to constantly send their consoles in to MS for yet another poorly repaired Refurb console.

flexbox3603760d ago

i love my xbox 360. but thats disgusting for real. there is nothing to disagree about here. only the MS themselves would disagree with that comment lol

GodsHand3760d ago

Im sure it will be marked as a refurb, but wont be clearly seenen. If anything smells like a law suit.

killax35633759d ago

Buying a used Xbox 360 is worse than buying used underwear.

Genesis53759d ago

It looks like their just trying to get rid of their junk. Oh well have fun.

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vitz33760d ago

They must have millions of broken 360's somewhere in a warehouse. I guess this puts them to good use. LOL.

I did the math one time and figured out how tall all the broken 360's out there would be it ended up being 374km high.

f7897903760d ago

All the reject consoles that are doomed to drive you insane. I'm not saying they all will fail. Some probably never will. But for most they have been sent to owners of failed 360s and eventually go through the cycle again and again. Thats why some people on youtube end up shooting it.

dktxx23760d ago

So is refurbished going to be said on the box or are they going to screw over consumers even more?

pwnsause3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

it has to say on the box that its a refurbished console. Sony use to do it with the PS2 i think. i remember going into sony stores seeing a white PS2 packaging stating that its a refurb, you get a long warranty though. at the end of the day its replacing the broken chipsets, hopefully better ones that dont RROD. they have to give you at least a 3yr warranty for it.

beavis4play3760d ago

aren't you trying too hard to put a microsoft spin on this?...... and i've never seen refurbished ps2s on sale anywhere. and if sony had done that; every single x360 fan would've already ripped them for it. and i have never seen any posts talking about it until you mentioned it.

anyway, this may not be true about refurbished 360s. too many stories on this site end up being fake, and this sounds like one of those. i can't believe ms would think they could avoid major pr backlash when doing something so cheap.

t-0_ot-3760d ago

@beavis4play - Not sure about refurbished PS2's.. but, the PS2's certainly had problems, but ALL the PS fanboys play it down like it never happened.. Me and my brothers went through 5 PS2's. Three of them stopped reading PS2 games, only. One stopped working all together. And, the last one had many problems.. The PS2 dvd player wouldn't spin with the top down, the screen stopped working, the audio cord stopped working, and no memory cards worked on it.. -.-

RevN8r3760d ago

t-0_ot- I'm sure you're not going to enjoy this reply, but I'm also pretty sure you and your brothers didn't know how to take care of your stuff. That's seriously either the worst case of bad luck with hardware, or some seriously poorly-taken-care-of hardware, my bet is the latter.

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iggypop1233760d ago

this is pathetic. M$ is really going in a negative direction lately

sevanig3760d ago

What else are they gunna do with all those RROD 360's?