Play Tm reviews Nascar 09 (XBOX360)

Play Tm reports:

''NASCAR is also known for its awesome pile-ups, which leaves me wondering two things: where are they? And, why haven't EA done a better job in creating realistic damage? Actually the damage isn't too bad, for 2002 standards - but this is 2008, and we've all played GTA IV, GRID, and Forza 2, so what the hell are these chunky polygons flying into the air and where's my painstakingly realistic paintwork scratches? As for pile-ups, they don't happen in this game - forget about it. Also, the in-game model of your driver will remain pathetically static when viewed in third-person and in replay modes.

Other than that, the graphics are pretty good. The tracks are detailed, the cars are shiny, and everything is 3D models galore. Night-time looks particularly impressive with stunningly realistic lighting. The weather is good, and do you know they really got them clouds right? But honestly, what the heck am I talking about? This is supposed to be a racing game, do I really care if they got the clouds right? I'm driving in circles for god sake! So I hang a right into the wall for a bit of entertainment; and watch the disappointing chunks fly over my bonnet.

The crashes still look pretty good actually, and they sound great. There's nothing wrong with the game's sound effects in general. The default music takes the form of southern USA rock and country, which I guess speaks volumes about who is expected to buy this game, and on which I have no comment at this time.''

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