Dragon Age: Inquisition Sells 1.14M Units Worldwide First Week - PS4, Xbox One, X360, PS3, PC

The Electronic Arts published game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, launched in North America and Europe last week and first week sales are now in. The game managed to sell 1,136,285 units worldwide in its first week, for the week ending November 22, 2014. This comes after the news that the game sold 560,156 units in its first week in the US.

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DarkOcelet2187d ago

Amazing sales for a great game. Well deserved Bioware.

nX2187d ago

Good to see a AAA RPG being commercially successful, hopefully this shows publishers that this genre can be a gold mine if done right.

Anthotis2187d ago

Hopefully, it will also inspire EAware to patch the hell out of this stuttering mess, as well as add all the stuff that should've been in the game to begin with, like a walk key for PC gamers.

nX2186d ago

^I'm around 45 hours in and I didn't encounter even one serious issue on PS4 yet.

badz1492186d ago

not do fast @Bloodborn

as much as I hate the FPS and shooters are dominating the market, but this is puny numbers compared to big FPS out there and this is from Bioware for god sake, not some random new IP.

grifter0242186d ago

Great game with shit ton of bugs. I can't even play anymore since my damn saves are now "Corrupted." Every time I try to load the game it just freezes on a black screen....texture pop in, horrible facial animations, shiny

This game is just an embarrassment compared to what DA:O was back in the day.

IF I don't get a fix to this save bug and I can't play I'm giving up on Bioware.

thekhurg2186d ago

I assume you're on the pc?

qwerty6762187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

well deserved indeed

i have to say this is GOTY to me, and man theres so much stuff to do.

i think im at 50 hours playtime and i feel like im only half way done. specing up your characters and teammates with different abilities and gear theres a pretty good depth to it so you can make the perfect party

and then the combat, it plays so fluid (think Diable 3) and its feels very satisfying to land crits and combos

i highly recommend this game to anyone who loves rpgs doesnt want finish it in under 10 hours, you get your moneys worth.

Pintheshadows2187d ago

I just hit 70 hours and the scaffolding in Skyhold only just got removed. This game is... it's just great.

LOGICWINS2187d ago

Do you have to play the previous games to undertand whats going on?

I'm a newcomer to this series.

Myst-Vearn2187d ago

It helps if you know the lore but not a must.

jspsc1232187d ago

@logic no. you play a different character so it doesnt matter. in the 1st you were a grey warden. in inquisition you are a inquisitor

Sir_Simba2187d ago

This is what happen to good games. they sell extremely well.

Summons752187d ago

And I helped. So much better than Dragon Age 2. I'm having an Origins problem where I keep starting over because I can't find a class/race/custom character I like. This is the game DA 2 should have been instead of that junk most DA fans printed didn't happen.

Rask2187d ago

This game looks so sexy, sadly I'll still have to wait until december 4th to buy it =/

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The story is too old to be commented.