Gamezone Crazy Machines 2 Review

Mike David writes:

''Do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? It is a mechanical device that takes a simple task and makes it incredibly difficult by adding pulleys, rolling balls, dominoes and all sorts of other things completely unnecessary for said task. Remember the board game mousetrap? It's like that, instead of using a simple latch and lever, you have bowling balls, bathtubs, switchbacks and all sorts of other nonsense all in the name of fun and creativity. My sons and I have made these machines in the house much to my wife's chagrin and watched some of the better one's on Youtube. We like them, and appreciate their creativity. So when I saw this game was available for review, well, I just up and asked for it cause I was thinking my sons and I would enjoy the tinkering involved. We did; enjoy my review.

Crazy Machines is kind of a quirky title. You suspect the game takes place years ago from some of the clues that are seen on the walls of the puzzles, only the developers know for sure. What I know is, that when you play the story mode, you are challenged by the Professor (sort of an Einstein-looking fellow) to complete several puzzle-style challenges each with primary and secondary objectives. Each puzzle is basically a wall with several items already fixed on the wall and then several items found below in your equipment bin. Placing the cursor on each item tells you what it is and doing the same in your inventory gives you a more detailed description. As the puzzle starts, the Prof. comes on and tells you what to do and where to make it go courtesy of a John Madden-like chalk marks that appear on the puzzle. For example, the Professor would like his bowling ball placed in the trunk in the basement, before he leaves for his trip. You must do this using only the items in your inventory; in addition, I would like that red balloon popped before I go as well, cheers! And there you go, you must use items both for their intended purpose and your imagination to make things happen.''

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