Fragland reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

Fragland reports:

''Team Ninja is an ambitious group of developers, but the energy they put into this new episode seems to have been focused on refining the existing formula, without really revolutionising anything. The most important and noticeable changes can be found in the graphics and new weapons, next to some smaller gameplay adjustments (like the possibility to cut through limbs and heads).

The latter is as intensifying as it is spectacular. Legs, arms and torsos are soaring through the air like straw in a tornado on speed and on top of that you'll be able to slaughter de-limbed enemies with one swift, yet fatal move. Do keep in mind you'll have to be quick about it, because some crazy no-leg monsters happen to think the best way to solve your issues, is by launching a direct suicide attack at you. And you were saying watching too much TV doesn't influence your behavior?''

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