PS3 System Update 1.11 Released

Sony today released a system update for the PlayStation 3. Updating the system firmware to version 1.11, this is the first updated released since the launch in Japan, when the system was updated to version 1.10. Owners will no doubt be excited by the prospect of potentially smoothing out some of the quirks they've noticed with the system, but this update doesn't appear to address any existing issues -- instead, an "Account Management" icon has been added under the Friends list, so you no longer need to go into a context menu to edit your profile and the like. Considering the amount of effort that goes into developing these updates, we expect they've done a little more tinkering than they're admitting to, but no other changes have been made to the user interface, at least.

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MicroGamer4395d ago

all they can do is make it a little bit easier to manage your personal info???

Sphinx4395d ago

...I guess. Are they going to fix the 1080 issue?

SuperSaiyan44394d ago

Software isn't Sony's area of expertise nor is anything hardware related it seems either.
A PSP update was released then shortly after an update for the latest update...
And now it seems that instead of patching the addressed problems Sony just does the opposite - perhaps Microsoft need to help Sony learn how to make software updates ;-)

Brandon4394d ago

microsoft it's probabily the worst example to take for update, sometimes they introduce new problem with their update and there is still a lot of old bugs never fixed

anyway the article said that the only thing visible is the new icon, so noone know if there is some fixes until sony will say it or someone will test some bugs

lalaland4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Sony has more expertise in software for consoles than MS -- more developers dedicated for consoles and a whole console generation more experience.

I do however agree that MS has more experience in developing fully fledged OS, but I see no reason why Sony shouldn't be able to make the PS3 competitive in all areas compared to X360 (the PS3 have afterall more general functionality out of the box compared to the X360).

The first X360 "spring update" with added functionality was released by MS several months after launch. The PS3 has been on market less than a fortnight. This is, as it's versionnumber suggests, only a point-upgrade with minor corrections...

Regarding hardware, I hope you are not comparing with MS, as their launch of the X360 was vastly more flawed compared to the PS3 launch.

Tut4394d ago

Flaming fanboys incoming!!! Be ready for it, lalaland =)

God of Gaming4394d ago

But the problem is that the 360 OS was MUCH more "READY" for the public with friends list that works in ALL games, private chat across games messages in game with everything working well together. What they added in the spring was basically new options that made the experiece much better for the user. They did not have to rush out fixes right away. Also take note that the 360 was out by itself, we had nothing to compare.. now the PS3 and wii launch a year later and they have some major issues and flaws. Just because they are new Sony and Nintendo should not be let off the hook, they had a year to learn from the 360.

Sony has failed in just about every area to even match the SILVER (Free) version of LIVE. Maybe one day it will get better but its not off to a good start.

bighed034394d ago

an update after just 10 days on the market? i think this is just a reflection that the ps3 still wasnt fully ready for launch.

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