Angry Birds Transformers for Android Review by Gaming on Batteries

Carl Williams writes, "Anyone that grew up in the 80’s probably has a fond memory of the toys that we played with back then. Action figures such as He-Man and Transformers were the stuff dreams are, now, made of. In recent years we have seen a resurgence of Transformers fanfare with the Michael Bay movies but to true “kid at heart” fans those movies don’t represent the true Transformers. The true Transformers are the classic red and blue Optimus Prime, Megatron that transformed into a handgun and Soundwave who was an evil boom box (with transforming cassette tapes- who can name them all?). Rovio has stepped in with their take on the Transformers and thrown their hat into the ring of many licensed games that have been appearing over the last several years. It looks like Rovio has gotten the closest to that dream Transformers game."

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