Final Fantasy XIII (FF13) PC Review In 1080p 60fps | Craigheadpro

Craigheadpro reviews the video game known as Final Fantasy XIII otherwise known as FF13 or Final Fantasy 13. The video game Final Fantasy XIII came out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and is now on PC for a cheap price on Steam. Final Fantasy 13 is created and published by Square Enix.

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Elda1513d ago

Luv this game!...playing it again on the PS3.

Idree1513d ago

I actually really liked it.

I don't mind linearity, thats normal for people who play JRPG's.

Also the first 30 hours is grindy, most Asian RPG games are grindy...

Shit our MMORPG's consists of just that, grinding. xD

Lionalliance1513d ago

Expect that the game is litetally linear, no exploration at all from like the first 13 or so.

And the hell to the last part you said...

TuxedoMoon1512d ago

"The game is worth buying if you can stand the 30 hour grind."

So if you can stand 30 hours of dull, repetitive, confusing, obnoxious'll eventually have fun? Why Can't the game be fun from the get go? If a game isn't fun/interesting until 30 hours in, then how is that a good reason to buy it?
It's like asking someone to enduring getting punched by a crowd of people for 30 minutes in order to win $5. The ending to this game is completely destroyed by its sequel too!

When I finally reached the open area (Pulse), I was having fun. The game was finally reaching its conclusion! Why didn't I stop? Because I can't buy a game and NOT finish it. Even with it's reduced price and improved visuals, I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.