Thunderbolt reviews Top Spin 3

Like any sport, getting good takes practice and lots of it. Once you get over the difficulty mountain at the start, players will find the summit a very rewarding, yet constantly challenging experience. Top Spin 3 works on a swing and release system, whereby timing and positioning are essential components in striking the ball with any kind of sentiment. It'll take some time to build up the confidence to break free from the stabilisers of the four face buttons, but once those are mastered, there are a ridiculous number of shots and tricks to get to grips with, and it's these little nuances that will separate the wheat from the chaff. However, a problem from having too many options all the time means it's not unlikely for players to completely miss the ball while thinking of what shot to play next, and where the fingers must go in order to perform it. This complicated button system will no doubt alienate a lot of people and many may find themselves asking why they should bother when all they're playing is essentially Pong with lots of bells and whistles attached.

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