EA knows you are having problems with Bad Company

Brad Nicholson of Destructoid writes: "Saturday, EA issued a statement via the official Battlefield: Bad Company website, proclaiming that they are aware of connectivity issues that some players have been facing while trying to play online. The statement is written as if the tech guys live in the fictional world of Bad Company, where mercenaries carry gold bars in their pockets at all times.

'We are aware that some X360 players are having issues connecting to the Bad Company servers. We've been monitoring stats non-stop and are working with several partners to locate any possible flashpoints and eradicate any hostiles we encounter.'

The release then went on to add the most ridiculous "fix" we have ever heard.

'Until we are ready to implement a permanent fix, a possible workaround is to turn off your console for approx. 20 minutes before turning it back on and connecting again.'

Turning off my console for twenty minutes? What is that going to do other than allow me to whip out another game that doesn't force me to sign on to servers outside of the Live network? I'm all about squashing bugs and tackling server problems, but treating my console like an overheated George Foreman grill is hilarious."

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Condoleezza Rice3815d ago

Funniest thing I've read all week ^

vitz33815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"EA knows you are having problems with Bad Company" - And they don't care. They got your money and are more than happy to shove a giant F-U up their customer's collective rears.

This is exactly why I don't buy the Battlefield/EA/Dice games.

I kid you not, I have a support ticket over three months long for BF2142. The game will NOT run on my PC even tho I exceed all the specs by a long shot. Not a single person in the support department had no solution for me. I've re-installed windows (XP) and 2142 a few times and still nothing. They won't even give me a refund for a game that was broken right out of the box.

Dice games are sh*t. Their games are always buggy messes at launch and they constantly add "features" which only add to the countless bugs in their games.

Am I the only one out there who see's EA and Dice's little money making scheme? I won't buy into their crap ever again.

Actually when I think of it. I haven't "bought" an EA published game in over three years now. (make what you want from the quotations)

Don't buy Battlefield games from a Bad Company!!

Montrealien3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Vitz, you actually think your word is gold? I respect and understand your issues, but to me it sounds like the problem is about 12 inches from the screen. I play anything BF and have been playing BF games for years with zero problems. Along with thousands of people every day, including your so called (broken out of the box) game.

Bad company is having issues at launch, sh*t happens. I know a lot of people, including myself that have been having no problems. And this is a great game on BOTH consoles.

edit: You play Rumble Roses?

ASSASSYN 36o3815d ago

I am glad I passed this game up!

JokesOnYou3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I don't know what problems some are having but I bought the game today and its pretty good, ha ha definitely not GOTY material but its fun and the multiplayer is a blast with all the destructible environment mayhem going on. "Really don't knock it until you try it." I went with my gut and I'm glad I picked it up. I wonder how widespread this server problem with EA is? Either way like I said been playing all day online, no problem...ha ha but yes that "fix" is pretty laughable.


g3nkie3815d ago

I've played the he11 out of the PS3 version and only had minor lag in only a couple of matches. I'm glad the PS3 version hasn't gotten plagued with any major problems yet.

bigshynepo3815d ago

Sorry, just had to chime in so EA remembers that we're still not happy with the complete lack or corporate responsibility surrounding the Orange Box release for Playstation 3. Fix our game EA!

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