Ryan Payton Tells us why there is a X360 in Kojima Productions.

Earlier today, bloggers said that a development kit for the 360 was spotted at Kojima Production. However this rumor was later debunked, but the bloggers still mentioned that it raises suspicion as to why a 360 would be in the office. I think people are reading too much into why a X360 would be in the office, the answer is really simple if you ever follow developer interviews, so I will quote Ryan Payton for everyone so there would be no confusions:

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darkshiz3859d ago

Kotaku got owned by this article.

LaChance3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

so they use the big 360 games as referance to make excellent games.
Now thats cool !

Wonder if Bioware do the same with PS3.

@wildarmsjrcht at the bottom: well , I still dont believe it.

edit : btw , hope sony fanboys out there realise that everybody "copies" from one another.The good ideas are always analysed and used by others.

DrWan3859d ago

Well a good idea/game is a good game. There is nothing wrong studying what on the market right now to improve your own. I think everyone does it, when i write up patient's chart, you bet in my early days i find the best doctor with the most beautiful chart I would go read it and copy his style of writing and case presentation. Whatever helps you impress people ;)

End of the day, enjoy games on your own system

sonarus3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Funny how MGS has absolutely nothing in common with those games. The point here was the controls of western games but do feel free to interpret in any fanboy manner that pleases you

morganfell3859d ago

Sorry Lachance it isn't what you think. And if you ever get a PS3 and have the Collector's Edition, CliffyB talks about how MGS influenced him so you have the story backwards.

Chris Bosh3859d ago

Kotaku are dumbasses, who want Metal gear Solid 4 for the 360.
And we all know that will never happen.

ElementX3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

What does this have to do with Kotaku? The original story posted here was from

meepmoopmeep3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

most if not all developers use other big games for reference to see how they can improve on their own product. nothing new here.

rickjames3859d ago

360 sucks. ps3 has fimware 2.4 coming out. it has everything 360 has... for free

TheUsedVersion3859d ago

Kotaku is definitely not the site it used to be. It seems to care more about traffic these days than having any sort of integrity.

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Wildarmsjecht3859d ago

lol...there will still be those who won't believe it.

Condoleezza Rice3859d ago

I don't blame those single console owners who crave for a helping of one of the greatest games of all time,I mean,let's face it;Metal Gear Solid 4 lived up the hype and then some.

So Kotaku/other single console owners should just invest in a Playstation 3 to play MGS4.

ChampIDC3859d ago

I couldn't ever really justify dishing out hundreds of dollars for one game, no matter how good it is.

Armyless3859d ago

How many games have people upgraded their PC hardware in order to play a game... I'll tell you personally EVERY time I upgrade my PC specs it's because of a game. $100+ every time.

Le-mo3859d ago

Kotaku will find a way to spin this.

sonarus3859d ago

Kotaku should have updated their story a while ago but didn't. They will probably update in about 2 days. They always do this sort of crap but thats their problem. But it still proves how 360 owners want this game bad. I say kojima makes it happen its a great game and no gamer should be denied a chance to play due to their console of choice

Lumbo3859d ago

"and no gamer should be denied a chance to play"

Therefor interested gamers can very well buy a PS3 and play it.
Following your argument Kojima would be forced to release a PC and Wii version, too .. and a PS2 version for the gamers that did not hop into the next gen...

It is simple, you want to play MGS4, you buy a Playstation3.
Case solved.

sonarus3859d ago

lol wii and pc gamers don't seem to care much though. The 360 crowd on the other hand obviously wants it so i say let them have it.

Obama3859d ago

Let me sum up the bots reaction to this article - "wahhhhhhwahh"

Armyless3859d ago

No one is saying that Wii and 360 owners can't play this game. They're free to purchase a PS3 just like all the other PS3 users did. Everyone should play this game, I agree.

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Salta_nelas3859d ago

Obvious, cant they play the 360 aswell?

LaChance3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

what on planet earth sounded fanboyish in my post ???????????????

You just got to stop that paranoia.Its pretty clear I didnt say it in a mean way.


@morganfell , what do you mean thats what not I think ?

edit : NO , in fact nevermind guys.All I wantd to show was that everyone copies from everyone.You guys just REFUSE that a PS3 dev could "copy" or "inspire" or whatever from a 360 dev.I mean you guys are actually going to try to prove to me the opposite !!! That in fact no , only 360 dev can copy from a PS3 dev right ???!!!

You know what ? I agree with you guys , it only works ONE way.The PS3 to 360 way.Dont want to start a flamewar or anything so just move along guys , dont mind me.

M4I0N33859d ago

ahh, i knew he'd say this, it was the same reason i mentioned (but more generalised). Hope i get bubbles for it :).


Rageanitus3859d ago

Test games from others to get Ideas.

Just like in the food industry, just like in the clothing industry, just like in car industry... ETC.

This does not mean the company will not make an xbox 360 game,,,, you never know Games Companies are there to make money ...