Five videos of Tales Of Vesperia

Gamersyde writes:

"We can't stop Namco-Bandai, who releases no less than five clips from the english version of Tales of Vesperia, about one minute each. Visually, it oscillates between average and really nice."

Check the link for the videos.

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meepmoopmeep3859d ago

this game is looking sweet!

LaChance3859d ago

Cant wait , Tales of Symphonia was great this one looks even better.
Then we'll be in for a treat with Inf Undiscovery which in my opinion looks even better than Tales of Vesperia.

Sangria3859d ago

Maybe i'm a bit too fussy, but if graphically it's sweet, there is still the upper part of the town (video #5) that is ugly. Animations don't seem to be really shaped and dialogs are soooooo boring, i really hope japanese voices will be available.

meepmoopmeep3859d ago

yeah i agree, but i'm not a graphics whore. the voice work could use some help (english) since i don't understand japanese. overall i think the graphics are great.

LaChance3859d ago

well , the scenario wasnt really the best thing in Tales of symphonia but Im sure at the end it will be ok.

Ri0tSquad3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

The map they were on reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy 7 and 8.

I didn't like the theme or the characters though.

InMyOpinion3859d ago

This fall will be RPG mania on the 360 =)

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3859d ago

This game looks very... bland. I will pass on this queer-haired jap rubbish.

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