IDEF 2008 : off-screen gameplay videos for Resistance 2, Baja, De Blob and more

French website JeuxVideo writes:

"Bringing together video game and entertainment software publishers, gaming console manufacturers, distributors and component manufacturers, IDEF (Interactive & Digital Entertainment Festival) 2008 is an opportunity for us to get a hand on some games that you can obtain very shortly in all good creameries.

This news offers you today exclusive videos of Baja on Xbox 360, Resistance 2 on Playstation 3, and commented videos of De Blog on Nintendo Wii, Wall-E on Xbox 360, Warhammer : Battle March on Xbox 360, Hellboy : The Science Of Evil on Playstation 3, Silent Hill : Homecoming on Playstation 3, Motorstorm : Pacific Rift on Playstation 3 and finally Runaway : A Twist Of Fate on PC."

Check the link to see the videos.

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Sangria3762d ago

I am french, so if you need any translation of the comments of any video, please ask, i would be glad to translate it.

PoSTedUP3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@ sangria- wow thats nice of you man, thanks.

ok ok check it. people were talkin smack about baja......well its lookin pretty damn goooood for any off road racing fan. so get real.

motorstorm2- OMG racing ORGASM right there! its gunna be insane!

silent hill- awesome graphics, likeing it so far.

resistance 2- you already know dog. 30 v 30. 8player co-op. a true alien invasion : P

De blob- no comment

wall-E- ummm no, mostly for kids fo sure.

runaway- awesome cartoon graphics, looks like im playing a Disney movie or something, good work.

peedie163762d ago

the R2 game play looks crazy its a must buy for me