Famitsu rates the new Xbox 360 games

A new edition of the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has hit the stores, and of course it contains some new reviews. They are actually very optimistic about DOA Xtreme 2 (9,9,8,9), which received average rates in Europe and US.

Also Lost Planet does really well (9,9,8,8) and they reviewed some other games as well, check it out. Nope, no Blue Dragon yet =(

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FirstknighT4345d ago

Its funny how DOA Xtreme 2 had decent reviews here but over seas it gets better reviews. In fact this game is 11th on the Japans list for most wanted! Just proves that the Japanese are perverts! ;) j/k

HaHa4345d ago

sex is always better than violence

Smellslikepie4345d ago

HaHa- why not meet halfway? Sex AND Violence?

Smellslikepie4345d ago

HaHa- why not meet halfway? Sex AND Violence?

Pathetic N4G Website4345d ago

Seems that Zegapain got the best scores ................NOT !

kornbeaner4345d ago

for all MS fanboys remember this review the next you want to discredit them when they review a PS3 game with better then average scroes and all you are screaming bloody murder.

THAMMER14345d ago

You go wipe your nose and stand in the corner.

InMyOpinion4345d ago

My point proven yet again - japanese gamers are retards.

PS360WII4345d ago

if you accually play doax2 you'd find that it's a good volleyball game. Hard as hell and the spikes can get you everytime. The mini games are fun and the waveracerish game is true to Nintendo fashion (glad to see Team Ninja has a soft spot for em) the graphics while sure are about the ladies are really impressive even more realistic than gears of war. Very solid Volleyball Sim.

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