Online survey reveals Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour info

A new survey sent to users of the invitation-only survey site asks the question: which would you rather get, Guitar Hero World Tour, or Rock Band 2? Along with the question, each game is described with various new features. Things such as Rock Band DLC working in RB2, new online modes, and more are described for Rock Band 2, while World Tour is given some new instrument information, as well as a peak at the names and bands involved.

Possible prices are also listed, with the survey asking if users would purchase Rock Band 2 for 169, and Guitar Hero World Tour for 199 MSRP.

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ironwar233763d ago

world tour when it was announced instead of rock band because it had more to offer. now that i heard about rock band 2 from this interview, it looks a lot better than WT. i agree with everything that one guy said.

Hooby3763d ago

Holy shift Tool in guitar hero

PlayStation3603763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

That maybe the main/only reason I'll get Would Tour. I'm more into the RB franchise. But with Tool, World Tour is looking really tempting right about now.

Hooby3763d ago

Songs are apparently parabola, schism and vicarious. Acceptable, but I imagine something like rosetta stoned would be the hardest song in the game for drums.

PlayStation3603763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Add Ticks and Leeches, and the drummer is in hell. :D Danny Carey is a friggin' Demonic Possessed Genius.

Jon86023763d ago

Im a huge TooL fan and I am really considering getting this game because of it. I was gonna retire the plastic guitar and the fact that im in 7th place overall on their website on the ps3 but now TooL is reeling me back in. I really thought they wouldnt do something like this because they dont even put their songs on itunes. I cannot wait for the songs their gonna come out with and yes if they put ticks and leeches for drums people will loose there minds...IM EXCITED!!!

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Old Snake3763d ago

Why is it even called Guitar Hero:On Tour? It's just a rip off of Rock Band. Also we don't need a Rock Band 2, there is already hundreds of songs out to download. Unless they add a new instrument, can't they just release new modes via patch?

RecSpec3763d ago

Red Octane makes the best peripherals, but I can't afford to buy a set of instruments, it would just gather dust.

thekingofMA3763d ago

"I prefer to buy just the new Guitar Hero software without the full-band bundle and use Rock Band peripherals (drums, microphone, etc.) to play instead."

now i know this survey may not be legitimate, but could this mean we don't have to buy more plastic instruments?!? i know activison has been a whiny b*tch about the rock band guitar being compatible with GH, but could they have matured and allowed it this time?

i seriously doubt it, but that would be awesome...

but 120+ songs in RB2! that's awesome!

RecSpec3763d ago

Nope, the drums are way different and the guitar for World Tour will be updated, it sounds pretty insane.

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