Echochrome - the new Brain Age?

Any gamer who has spent a significant amount of uninterrupted time staring through a 2D screen into a 3D game world understands the strange perceptual shift that takes place when returning to the truly 3-dimensional space of the real world.

There is a disorienting effect, a sense of unreality, in coming back to a place where perspective changes are achieved not by the subtle movements of an analog stick, but by actually shifting the head which houses your ocular apparatus.

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paul_war3763d ago

What is SCEE's excuse for not releasing this in Europe???

Guess it must be the masses of localisation that is needed for a title that requires almost no translation and is suitable for all ages!!!

MK_Red3763d ago

No it's not. Echochrome is a real game and an exceptionally well made and innovative one.
Brain Age is just some casual game that is selling millions because people prefer mediocre casual games to great real games.

thor3763d ago

Brain age sells because of advertising. Well to be honest, take any product; I don't think there's ever been a product that's sold purely on its own merits. But there are plenty of pieces of [email protected] that have sold thanks to a clever marketing campaign.

Echochrome stretches the mind in a way that brain age tries to achieve, but in the end, I suppose it doesn't exercise your mind any more than any other puzzle game out there.

MK_Red3763d ago

True, Brain Age is indeed a product of advertising but it also makes people think they are smart or at least their intelligence is improving (Which is untrue).

Sony really should have advertised Echo a whole lot more. Seriously, they hype Haze to death but no real ad campaign for Echo!?

PimpHandHappy3763d ago

install base

i still want to get Echochrome. Just havent yet

hack64643763d ago

I'm actually thinking about buying this, should i get it for psp or ps3?