Blizzard not worried about losing WOW fans to Diablo III

Blizzard has said that it is "hoping" that World of Warcraft's monstrous fan-base will take an interest in its latest game, action-RPG Diablo III, but that it isn't concerned about losing monthly WOW revenue.

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Relcom3764d ago

Isn't this a classic case of win win for them?

thehitman3764d ago

Most of them will probably keep their subscriptions and get d3 on the side. Diablo doesnt take as much upkeeping as a MMORPG does.

GametimeUK3764d ago

... then obviously they wouldnt release it

RecSpec3764d ago

LOL, Blizzard's worst enemy is itself.

solar3764d ago

imagine if Diablo III was World of Diablo. WoW would almost die....

SUP3R3764d ago

solar i just got a chill when u mentioned World of Diablo.
It sounds so good just saying it.

jidery3763d ago

world of diablo would be cool, but that would be almsot the same thing as wow

Rageanitus3764d ago

Different game Genres, meaning we can do both :P

Pathard3764d ago

Either way they're still making more money.. and after the Diablo III crazy, most will migrate back to WoW anyways.

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