Gears of War 2's active sniper will not insta-down

Xbox360fanboy writes:

The one and only Cliff Bleszinski popped up on the NeoGAF forums where the latest video of Gears of War 2 was being discussed, to clarify the Longshot sniper's abilities. Responding to a remark claiming that "active downs with the Longshot are still existent in Gears 2", Cliff denied the claim, stating that the Longshot will not have insta-down abilities in Gears 2.

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Bill Gates3764d ago

The BABOONS are sure to be DISAPPOINTED with this game. Once they realize it's the EXACT same as part one except this one has vines on the wall and cars, surely they'll be upset for letting M$ shove it that much deeper.

But still they keep going back for more..STUPID BABOONS...AAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHA

thor3764d ago

You forgot Gears 2 has 5 ON 5 MULTIPLAYER!!!1`1212`grave

Joe29113764d ago

5 on 5 thats weak compared to R2 and its 30 on 30.

Shaka2K63764d ago

Will suck just like halo 3.

KBDuB3764d ago

What is wrong with you guys? Seriously? A game so unimportant to you guys is involved in so much of your life. Wow.

Joe29113764d ago

What wrong with you? Seriously? You have to comment back at a harmless comment in the OPEN ZONE, ITS CALLED OPEN FOR A REASON, you can say anything.

t-0_ot-3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

@Bill Gates - ahah You're so stupid.. You wish you were Bill Gates, that's why you are impersonating him. ahah

@Joe2911 - Uhm.. listen here moron, 5v5 in Gears 2 maps is great. Just like 30vs30 in R2 maps is great.

If you had 30vs30 in Gears 2 maps, it would be stupid. If you had 5v5 in R2 maps, it would be stupid. So, it works for the maps, in other words.

KBDuB3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Oh, so you mean, since it's the OPEN ZONE I can say..

You are a dumbass for wasting so much of your time on something that means nothing to you, that you will never use or own? Nice. What an idiot..

Joe29113764d ago

How contradictory.... If you don't understand what it means, which is possible since your pretty much a tard to have done in the first place, you just wasted your time commenting back, and besides, im not wasting my time i'm filling up my time, i'm on ps3 and i comment when the game is over on MGO.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3764d ago

The Droids are pissed because they have tiny penises.

tehReaper3764d ago

Filling up time? So, you really think badmouthing a game that you'll never play is a good way to fill up time? If you ask me, I think you're jealous. You use the weakest argument about Gears. 5 on 5 is perfect for Gears, and if you actually played Gears, you would know that. 30 on 30 is fine and everything, but if they did that to Gears, it just wouldn't work. Gears of War is a team versus team killing game..not a goal focused clash of teams. Learn the difference.

As for this article, active snipe is a very cheap way of killing people. I completely agree that the one shot down should be removed. Headshots are where it's at, and once you start playing the game more, headshots become easier.

Joe29113764d ago

It pretty funny to think that I'd be jealous of gears of war, you guys must be all jealous of resistance 2 because i have every xbot in the open zone up in arms about it. "O resistance 2 sales sucked compared gears"
"I f*ck my 360 everynight just let it know I love it still" Your all a bunch of dumbasses with your heads so far up your asses, im surprised you can still breathe. You all a bunch of contradictory morons, that have less than a brain cell each. My comment was harmless and valid, ok maybe a 30 vs 30 match of gears wouldn't work, people say when theres an arguement you have to take both sides of the equation into account, well me talking about R2 is fine because its Gears competition, so stop being a bunch of up tight n*b jockeys and lighten up.

tehReaper3764d ago

No, don't act like your comment was harmless. You stated that 5 vs 5 is weak compared to 30 vs 30. I never badmouthed Resistance. I loved the game, I just hold Gears of War closer.

Each game is different, and like you said, you must take both sides into account. Using that logic, 5 vs 5 is NOT weak when used in a game like Gears of War. Halo, COD4 and Resistance are good examples of the type of games that SHOULD have 30 vs 30.

Some of the 360 only fanboys may only take their argument into account, but unlike them, I give every game a chance. I don't care about which console I play which game on, I just prefer the 360 over the PS3 right now. Xbox LIVE is a great service, and I'll stick to playing my favorite online games on it until Home is finished. Then, maybe I'll play my PS3 more.

The reason I think you're because you decide to come to a Gears of War 2 article, you join in on your Droid buddies(by the way, look who had the first comment, a Sony fanboy), and downgrade a game that you won't even play. If you don't like Gears of War, that's fine, people have different tastes..but don't waste your time commenting about it.

If you ask me, any fanboy that starts posting negative comments on an article about a rival console exclusive, is scared of it.

mesh13763d ago


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etownone3764d ago

I don't think they should take out the active sniper insta-down abilities in Gears 2. Especially now with Gears 2 and the way someone that is down to squirm to cover.

Anyways, if anything, change the length of the time it takes for the person that got downed to get up making it just a little faster for them to get up. That way the sniper can't just wait for you to get up and get the easy headshot.

The Wood3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

?? well what is active sniper, the other bit kinda explains itself

iceice1233764d ago

It gets a damage boost. That's the active sniper.

Rocko3764d ago

Thank God this sh*t is gone, those little b*tches won't have their noob crutch anymore.

KBDuB3764d ago

What does it really mean? Is insta-down when you hit the floor, but are still alive? Or does it mean it kills instantly?

I thought that a sniper shot instantly kills you..? I don't really know. I don't play Gears online too much.

v1c1ous3764d ago

the damage boost is big enough to cause an instant knockdown where you can't do anything.

you either a) have to wait for a teammate to pick you up, b) bleed to death c) have to wait x amount of seconds to get back up

in the case of c), the problem some people complain about is that in the time your character is recovering from the knockdown, the sniper can active reload again and basically knock you down as soon as you get up. in most game modes, you can only get up twice, with the 3rd knockdown being instant death for you.

so a lot of snipers will toy with you as you are getting up and can't do much. unless 1) your teammate gets you up before the sniper gets the active 2) your teammate engages the sniper causing him to move attention away from you 3) the sniper misses the active reload or misses your body.

KBDuB3764d ago

Thanks, for the info.

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BrotherSic3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Guess you have to believe him but it did seem to be a down in the leaked videos.

ThichQuangDuck3764d ago

Because it is impossible they could of changed anything after the beta because developers never do that.

Condoleezza Rice3764d ago

If a person can properly reload AND Snipe you within a very short time frame,I think the insta-down should be the reward.

Anyway,I doubt people will be Sniping as much in GeOW 2,especially with the Flame Thrower and a bunch of other new Weapons thrown in.

TheSadTruth3764d ago

hitting someone with a body shot takes NO skill

headshotting takes skill

they are doing the right thing

Exile__3764d ago

There was a active sniper insta-down in one of the videos.. BS cliffy