PS3 Update 2.4 Video Walkthrough Release Date And Duration?

Looking4GameNews writes: "So it seems like this is the night, when reading a post of Jeff Rubenstein on the PlayStation I noticed a beautiful sentence saying the following:

"But because I know what you're going to ask about, and because we don't traffic in rumors and/or speculation, I invite you to come back to the Blog tonight (just shy of midnight Pacific). We've got a video to show you".

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joydestroy3859d ago

hells yeah! i'll certainly be up :]

cool83859d ago

The tension is building. The moment of truth is tonight. Midnight Pacific.If this is true then that means the guy on some forums that took pictures of gamer cards was right.He said that the video was coming on June 30. That is correct if tonight it the knight. This means if tonight is the knight FW 2.40 Will hit PS3s world wide this tuesday!

One can only wait...Time will only tell........

cito35th3859d ago


dont be mad if tonight you just see a video of in game xmb or w.e. ....

SixTwoTwo3859d ago

The store overhaul followed the video tutorial by a few days. 24 might drop this week or next. Keep your fingers crossed.

cito35th3859d ago

omg i just realized something.... in his previous post he said that he is going to make 2 VIDEOS to describe and introduce FW2.4
"We've got a video to show you". idk if anyone has notice, but he said VIDEO! with no "S", meaning ONE! not two ... sh!tt man!!!

we can only just wait and see!
personally, i like to receive bubbles lmao

staub913859d ago

Are you serious???

Later he specifically said there are two videos.... 1 for trophies and 1 in-game xmb.

MikeGdaGod3859d ago

well this should be interesting

cito35th3859d ago

i never said he wasnt going to do two videos about the FW 2.4

he said he is making two videos about FW2.4, right so, in the most recent post he says A VIDEO.... meaning one not two... i dont think it is FW2.4

but something else...maybe home? service? or even a video ABOUT 2.4 but i do not think it is the actual firmware update 2.4 is going to appear... maybe just a vid to "clear" things out.

jwatt3859d ago

Where the hell is the video I'm getting tired and I have to work tomorrow.

Qbanboi3859d ago

Just 15 more minutes....

Qbanboi3859d ago


cito35th3859d ago

1. no in game chat
2. wens trophy coming
3. around when should we expect this E3?

B-Rein3859d ago

now jus waitin for the first 1 and i think theyll talk a little about the in game chat in the next vid, hope they did add the feature in

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MaximusPrime3860d ago

in my case, i have to wait till after work tomorrow.

btw: im from UK

NO_PUDding3860d ago

Damn Europe, my homeland!!

juuken3860d ago

I have family there. :3
Nice place.

[email protected]3860d ago

and me too also got some family members there... I live and born on Puerto Rico ^__^.

Now, back 2 the topic:
WOOT* it comes tonight!.

jwatt3860d ago

Yes I can't wait, I really hope there are some surprises in the update too but if not that's cool.

I thought this was cool too!

NO_PUDding3859d ago

[email protected]

Latin families are pretty uncommon, but we have a half Peurto Rican family next door. Unfortunately the woman has schizophrenia, and calls my mum a whore and stuff. Weird, but nice kids, I went to school with the oldest.

That isn't your family is it?

[email protected]3859d ago

The answer pal is not. It's not me and either my family. My mom is one of the most down to earth and Christian woman that I know and doesn't have a mental disorder THANKS GOD as u neighbors... too bad for the poor woman o.O. Anyway I'm proud of my multiples heritage and lineage ^__^


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Relcom3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I love it when rumor pan out for the good. I'll see you all tonight

skynidas3860d ago

12:00 am PST
3:00 am EST
8:00 am LONDON time

chasuk083860d ago

Dam it, i hoped that it would be realesed before i go college at 8.00 am. Now i gotta wait till after :(

heyheyhey3860d ago


why does everything important have to be 12:00 yank time?

damn you SCEE!!!!! *shakes fist*

The Wood3859d ago

nice. just b4 i leave out

NO_PUDding3859d ago

Yay, 8:00am, I can go home after college and download 2.40

Is that right, or is it just the walkthroughs?

Ri0tSquad3859d ago

It'll be worth the wait.

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