IGN: Class and Skill Creation in Diablo III

It's pretty difficult to spend any significant amount of time with something you find genuinely irritating. Blizzard presented their case to fans at their Worldwide Invitational 2008 in Paris, France of how they're going about creating appealing classes and enjoyable play styles. While they didn't go into detail on any of the classes beyond the already announced barbarian and witch doctor, they did provide plenty of insight into their design and iteration processes.

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thor3763d ago

The corpses disappear :(

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3763d ago

The trailer rocked. The gameplay bored me to death. I'll pass on this one.

thehitman3763d ago

they keep rehashing the same vid stop approving this its the same crap.

NarsilianShard3763d ago

Does anyone else think this looks way too colorful and happy to be a Diablo game? I thought I was watching a Warcraft III vid....

zagibu3762d ago

Yeah, you're right, it is a bit brighter and maybe also a bit more colorful than the previous iterations of the game, but it's nowhere near as "funky" as WoW. The dungeon was actually pretty dark and sinister.

Azurite3763d ago

watch the videos instead of reading the article.