The Biggest Console Screw-ups in Gaming History

History’s biggest blunders from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Sega.

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CaptainObvious8782607d ago

I don't think Don Mattrick's unbelievably stupid comment will ever be forgotten.

Rimeskeem2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Yes I guess people will just have to.... Uhm.... deal with it

DialgaMarine2607d ago

It was such a stupid douche bag comment to make. Thank god M$ got rid of that moron.

MasterCornholio2607d ago

"We have a product for those people and its the Xbox 360"

Probably one of the most insulting comments made to our armed forces. I hated him so much when he said that.

Killzoner992607d ago

"Microsoft went on to catalogue a host of unpopular features including a 24-hour online check-in, always on Kinect, blocked use of second hand games and strict DRM."
That right there is the first of many fatal flaws Microsoft made with the Xbone and it still amazes me to see them make blunder after blunder to this day. Truly "The Biggest Screw-Up in Gaming History".

CaptainObvious8782607d ago

To be fair MS have made great strides in trying to right their wrongs, but I could never financially support a company that so obviously and arrogantly tried to screw over gamers just for some extra revenue.

Unfortunately, that means I'll miss out on some awesome exclusives, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. Besides, it seems like a lot of xbone exclusives make their way to PC anyway so I probably won't be missing out on too much.

sweendog2607d ago

This seems like a run up to MS xbox one reveal while missing out on many other complete disasters. Ill list some of mine that I have witnessed.

Nintendo choosing cartridge over disk for the N64. This allowed a lower powered PS1 to have cd quality music pre rendered cut scenes that where a cut and above what nintendo could offer. It took Capcom years to figure out how to compress to the cartridge memory limitations to give us a great but late copy of RE2

Atari Jaguar. A machine seemingly designed to play Alien vs Predator and not much else whilst wrongfully boasting 64 bit power.

SEGA's attempts at prolonging the life of the mega drive/genesis. 32X plus mega cd to get a half decent Batman returns game and loads of games featuring crap actors in pixalated video cd.

Sorry for the history lesson but their has been a lot more and worse mistakes than what MS did, but at least they have started to turn it around just like Sony with the PS3

CaptainObvious8782607d ago

But the difference is yours are examples of mostly incompetence, where as MS was fully aware of how badly gamers were going to suffer for the ENTIRE generation under their draconian policies.

Bloodjunkie2607d ago

The mistakes of the other campanies could have or have killed the companies (like SEGA with the Dreamcast) but M$ has enough money to buy them all and fail with the next 10 console generations and they would do everything to crush the competitors. Thats a reason why i don't support microsoft anymore, cause they have no conscience. And yes the new praised features of the XBONE were one of the biggest screw-ups in gaming history.