PlayStation Store Black Friday 2014 Flash Sale in North America On Now

Adding to the long list of Black Friday 2014 deals, the North American PlayStation Store has started a Black Friday Flash Sale, which places various PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 games on sale.

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TrendyGamers3460d ago

Transistor is more than worth it at that price.

chrismichaels043460d ago

All of those games listed are worth playing. And getting them on sale so soon after their release is a nice little bonus.

abstractel3460d ago

Loved Transistor. A bit short but very stylish and more importantly very fun. Great, cyberpunk like story.

BattleAxe3460d ago

Go check out Steam and Origin, and then tell me how good these prices are...

Anon19743459d ago

They sell PS4 games on Steam and Origin? I had no idea! ☺

BattleAxe3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Are you guys really that confused? The OP was saying how great these prices are, and I'm saying that these prices aren't that great compared to what other services are offering. Go check out Steam and Origin to compare the sales. Thats all I'm saying.

It's no wonder games cost more on consoles when you have people saying that these are good prices, without comparing them to anything else. It's mind boggling how fanboyism has translated into people thinking that higher prices are better because they're Sony's higher prices....

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user55757083459d ago

mehhhh i was hoping for ps1 classics for 1 or 2 dollars like theyve done in the past

Wedge193460d ago

Man, more stuff to spend my money on! Wahoo!

Sev3460d ago

Not only am I going to be broke by Saturday, I'm going to be in debt if they keep having these sales.

Anon19743460d ago

I just found out recently that Diablo 3 has couch co-op and I was looking to pick this up for Black Friday as it's still $65 (in Canada). Cheapest Black Friday deal I saw was $40 with most places selling it at $50, but I wasn't going to be able to get out to the stores tomorrow. $34 for this title...just made my day. Think I'll pick up Second Son at $20 as well just for the helluva it. :)

abstractel3460d ago

Infamous SS is more than worth the price. Hell, it's still one of my favorite next-gen games. It was a bit short, but it was really, really fun and also one of the best looking games of this gen so far.

pivotplease3460d ago

Also in the market for Diablo 3, but I can probably wait a few months for the hard copy to drop to $30 or less. I would go for it if it was "spend $50, get $10" like it used to be because I've already dropped $15.

pivotplease3460d ago

There are also usually ridiculous Christmas sales. That's when I got Killzone Mercenary for $9, GoW: Ascension for $19, and MGS HD for Vita for $11 all recently after being released. I believe Ni No Kuni and Blood Dragon were also dirt cheap but I can't remember if it was the same sale.

MrChicagoWind3460d ago

Duude, I remember the days when it was spend $100 get $50. I feel like digital games are waaaay over priced. You can do so much more with a physical copy in terms of lending and resale.

TheFutureIsBlue3460d ago


Amazon should have Diablo 3 for 25-30 tomorrow for black friday.

Anon19743459d ago

Looks like Amazon has it on for $35 but that doesn't ship to Canada so no help to me. Amazon.ca has it for $40. Still happy I jumped on this. I don't lend my games out and I'd probably only ever get $5 trade so digital doesn't bother me much. Ended up being 27GB if memory serves so not taking up too much room either.

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