RACE 360 revealed?

Internet reports seem to suggest that the first ever screens of RACE 360 for the Xbox 360 have been displayed in a paper. A number of shots were scanned in from the paper supposedly, hence the bad quality. Check 'em all out at the link below.

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Condoleezza Rice3815d ago

"RACE 360"?Is that the retail name?

MaximusPrime3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

i think it is a tentative name.

Edit: @below - its possible.

insane_cobra3815d ago

No, GTR is another series from the same developer. There was supposed to be a GTR game for Xbox 360, but THQ dropped it last year (SimBin never officially canned it, though, so it may still reappear one day). This new game is indeed RACE 360, I first heard of it about a month ago.

RecSpec3815d ago

I'm more looking forward to SHOOT, or FIGHT.

SickNick853815d ago

quote is the porting of the last year Simbin's game Race 07

it's a good game but not the best...and 300 car and license cut space for the physics...

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AznSniper3815d ago

That kind of looks like GRID.

gaffyh3814d ago

Yeah it does a little, but IMO GRID looks a little better.

etownone3815d ago

Looks like MS is looking to copy GT with its own GT-R.

Graphics look good.... so here's hoping it can actually compete with GT5 as far as graphics, because the best gameplay/customization racing can is Forza 2 without a doubt. Also exclusve to the 360

heyheyhey3815d ago

nope... gameplay goes to GT as well

customization goes to (i hate to say it) Need For Speed

damage modeling il give you.... although that's better in Grid

etownone3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"customization goes to (i hate to say it) Need For Speed "

i hope your not serious.
haven't u seen the custom paint jobs, and the online auction? and the almost endless customization of parts? of course not, you only own a ps3.

whatever your just a sonydroid and completely against anything exclusive to the 360....

why do droids cry3815d ago

byebyebye how many layers can u put on a car in NFS. you can put 1000 layers on a car in forza. i evan bout a constipation of the butt: 60 players orgasm wars design on the auction house. it looks really good. not the game but the design does. hehe

heyheyhey3815d ago

yeah i admit, i did say NFS to piss you off

im not against every 360 exclusive...

i've played most of them (either on PC or at mate's house) and some of them are really good

and im sure Gears and Fable will own

and im not saying Forza is "bad"- just that it plays second fiddle to the GT series

etownone3815d ago

"and im not saying Forza is "bad"- just that it plays second fiddle to the GT series "

you could be right, especially with GT huge worldwide fanbase, but i assure you that if your a Racing fan and you own a 360, Forza 2 does not disappoint in the least.

And since GT outshines forza in ONLY graphics/sound, maybe this new IP looking to copy GT will be concentrating more on the graphics/sound.

KBDuB3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

So, uhm.. are you kidding about the Customization goes to Need For Speed? Seriously? Forza 2 kills NfS in Customization..

And, gameplay. Yea, GT has better gameplay.. Well, the driving is a bit better. But, in terms of fun factor, I'd have to give it to Forza 2.

Did you read that article talking bout GT5? Where if you pick the best car in it's class, you will always win. And, if you pick the worst car in it's class, you will always lose. Did you read that? It's so true. And, it sucks. It's stupid. Racing doesn't always work out that way..

But, both games are good in their own way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3815d ago

Heyheyhey you should have just said Forza 2 and bit your tounge.

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