Game Revolution reviews Lego Indiana Jones - PS2

Shawn Sparks writes:

''Hello, loyal readers and fans. Today I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to review Lego Indiana Jones (LIJ) from two perspectives at the same time. No, I haven't gone insane, and no, I'm not talking about letting the voices in my head have a say in the editorial process. The two perspectives I'm talking about are as a gamer and as a parent. Yes, my followers, I am a parent, and part of my excitement for the release of LIJ comes from my respect for the Lego game versions of the Lucasfilm franchise for many of the reasons that follow this boring introduction that will probably get edited out by Duke Blake Nick (Oh no he didn't! ~Ed.) anyway.

click to enlargeLego Indiana Jones follows the footsteps of the previous Lucasfilm and Lego mergers. Yes, like chocolate and peanut butter... like Oreos and milk... like beer and video games, Lego and Lucasfilm pair together seamlessly to form a brand so powerful, it might just knock you on your butt. And keep you there for quite a while as you thumb your way through the wacky world of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.''

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