Worthplaying reviews Guitar Hero:Aerosmith (7.7/10)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the sixth entry in the Guitar Hero series and the second attempt by Neversoft after taking over the reins from Harmonix. When the game was accidentally announced by Aerosmith, people were surprised because no one thought that a GH game focused on just one band could possibly work. Here we are on the release date, and what we have is a Guitar Hero that serves as a halfway point between Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: World Tour. From a technical perspective, it's light years ahead of the prior title and shows that Neversoft has learned its lesson and is doing everything that it can to fix the problems that were present in Guitar Hero III.

For the uninitiated, Guitar Hero is a game that tries to make you feel like you're a rock star by playing some of your favorite classics. You select the song you want to play, choose a difficulty, and away you go. The gameplay consists of a fretboard scrolling down the screen with colored notes on it, and you hit the notes by hitting the corresponding colored button and the strum switch on the guitar controller as the notes scroll toward you. You're awarded points and a combo meter, which grants even more points every time you hit a note. Occasionally, you can even unleash Star Power to double the amount of points you gain for a short period of time. While any guitarist can and will tell you that this is nothing like playing an actual guitar, the game still manages to make you feel like you're rocking out and playing the music for a screaming crowd. All of this is a blast to do. That's the formula that started the series, it's worked so far, and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith does absolutely nothing to even try and change that.

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BlueRevolvuR3761d ago

getting this game anyway. GH:4 World Tour will shank all!

LevDog3761d ago

Classic.. Over saturation of one style game

BkaY3760d ago

im gonna skip that one...