Indigenous video game designer takes stand against offensive video game "Cluster's Revenge"

Community on Twitter rallies to defeat offensive video game

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MonChiChi2050d ago

Never heard of it till now.

Amuro2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

it's an old Atari "porn" game that no one even knew about till Angry Nerd made it kinda popular, or let's say more "known", by talking about it on one of his videos years ago. Recently some people got interested and want to make a remake.

MonChiChi2050d ago

Ah okay. Thanks for the info.

Amuro2050d ago

oh dear, and here we go with more censorship. Is this all these feminists care about?

gamesR4fun2050d ago

its not really about censorship i mean they don't care about chipanddales... its all about bashing men and cashing out....

mhunterjr2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

There's no mention of censorship in the article. In fact, she explicit mentions that the title has a 'right to exist', she's just reasonably disappointed that someone decided to recreate it, and it sounds as if she may have been a victim herself...

she goes on to encourage other women and natives to get into game design...

I get that everyone is up at arms about how gamergate has be portrayed in the media, but we shouldn't assume the worst and skip reading articles before commenting.

Christopher2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

You might want to read the article.

From the article: "I respect its right to exist, but it’s almost impossible for me to figure out how anyone could consider the game of cultural value to anyone."

Also recognize that you want to censorship one person's opinion but not the opinion of others. It's my understanding that she can say what she wants about games just as much as others can make what games they want.

XtraTrstrL2050d ago

I'm usually annoyed by these articles, and I expected to be when I clicked on this one. I gotta admit though, in this case - it's pretty messed up that they'd even wanna re-release this game. A game about cowboy's raping Native Americans, seriously? They already stole their homeland and raped them into near non-existance in the real world. Whoever made and whoever remade this game is a douche.

skwidd2050d ago

I'm with you on this.

traumadisaster2050d ago

So ww2 movies shouldn't be made based on that concept, cause Hitler's done these things and media should not show it? Cmon

XtraTrstrL2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


No dumbass, but this game is about you taking on the role of a dude who's suppose to be getting 'revenge' by raping women tied to cacti. If you don't understand what's wrong with the way the game is presented - then I don't know what to say to you. Making a game that tells the history is fine, the way the interactivity plays out and main goal of this game is what is messed up.

Plus, the game isn't based on the history, because Custer got utterly defeated by the Natives Americans. This game is fiction about him getting revenge for that slaughter that went down of him and his men.

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SMcNu7152050d ago

... A little late are we? Custers Revenge came out for Atari. Must they always find something to squawk about?

Neonridr2050d ago

She is speaking specifically of the remake that has appeared online.

Gamer7772050d ago

The indigenous game designer looks like a blue eyed European

dota2champion2050d ago

According to her twitter, she's part Irish

Gamer7772050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Its other way around, she is white with some native ancestry. I studied anthropology in University and native americans history didn't look like her. They had dark hair, brown-yellow skin and dark eyes and share many physical and genetic traits with Asians(especially some Japanese ethnic groups)

XtraTrstrL2050d ago

Yeah, it's hard to find any Native Americans that look it anymore, like family's of Native Casino Owners, lots of them are blue-eyed, blonde haired kids.

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