Advanced Warfare: Xbox One & 360 platforms sales accounts for 53%

TOKYO: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare first week sales have revealed a bit of a surprise. The Xbox One and 360 platforms accounted for 53% of the total sales during the first week of release.

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Alsybub2054d ago

Not much of a surprise. If you like western games in Japan then you're likely to own either of those systems.

Spotie2054d ago

Implying, somehow, that Western games don't come to the Japanese consoles?

Alsybub2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

No, but since playing western games is such a niche market in Japan I would imagine that it makes sense for anyone in to it to own an Xbox. That theory would certainly explain those statistics. We all know that the install base is tiny. After all, the main reason that Xbox doesn't do well in Japan is that people see it as a console for Western games, which the vast majority simply aren't interested in.

I would certainly accept a different theory, if it made more sense than my own.

Foehammer2054d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

That's impressive, especially considering the difference in install base.


@ Genuine User, your point makes it even more impressive, a 3% difference from a 100% difference in install base, WOW.

badboyz092054d ago

-1 month Times DLC

- MLG COD players

- Marketed as an Xbox Exclusive in all the Ads.

To me these Numbers are Unimpressive.

Gazondaily2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Nope, still impressive to me. We're hearing a 2 to 1 wordlwide lead and still the game sells more on MS platforms. That is impressive. Early DLC and MLG players are hardly massive factors compared to that lead.

And when was it advertised as an exclusive?? Do you mean it advertising exclusive DLC content?

Genuine-User2054d ago

@ Septic

The 2 to 1 lead is between the PS4 and X1, not last gen consoles.

From the article:

When looking at the actual individual console numbers, the PlayStation 4 led all platforms with 35% of the sales, followed closely by the Xbox One with 32%.

DefenderOfDoom22054d ago

So i am guessing, these are JAPAN numbers?

Alsybub2053d ago

On re-reading the article I'm no longer sure. I thought it was Japan numbers because it began with "TOKYO:".

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