GTA Online: how to backflip over 30 exploding cop cars

GTA Online lets you do many exciting things, one of which is set off a wave of exploding cars as you leap over them.

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pivotplease2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Unreal. I'll take this over more AC Unity news any day of the week. People act like they are getting ripped off because of some bugs, but those people have been getting ripped off every year just like the COD players. There's a reason I only bought COD 4 and AC IV. If people want the best ubisoft game of the year pick up Far Cry 4. Still repetitive, but the gameplay and stealth feel far more polished and the story isn't so convoluted and pointless. Plus the geographic variety, the chaos, and the organic set pieces are nice as well. The Himalayas remind me of Uncharted 2.