IGN's Latest Virtua Fighter 5 Impressions

Characters themselves sport a fantastic degree of individual personality, thanks to beautifully fluid animations and texturing. In particular, when the camera zooms in close at the start of fights or for some post-match victory posturing, everything from individual pores to streaks of sweat are evident in all their hi-definition glory. Clothing too flaps and billows convincingly during battle, with environmental elements directly affecting material, whether its repeated contact with water dampening then drenched clothing or costumes catching in the wind.

Arenas are equally stunning, with stages like Snow Mountain drenched in evening light that cascades through distant rugged peaks, while mist creeps across the ground and birds flock in the sky. In fact, whether it's a golden-red sunset playing over rippling water, snow crunching under fighters' feet or gnarled trees bending in the wind amidst the thick of a lightning storm, you can't help but be impressed by the level of graphical finesse on display.

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Bhai4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

...has been running since TGS last year, which means around 3 month prior to DOA4 released, and all those next-gen nuances are loaded into it which DOA4

-Simulated water.
-Clothes getting wet and their appearances changing.
-Ground deforming in snow and sand(much improved over PS2's VF4 deformations) and breakable floors.
-Skin details on the characters like pores, sweat and wrinkles.
-Cloth and hair simulation and perfect clipping.
-Highly dynamic backgrounds, with breaking up, thunderstorms, lightening etc.
-Tunable AI(Just like in PS2's VF4).
-Most authentic martial arts ever !!!

So, in 2007, this beauty of beaties embraces PS3, and we'll get real lucky.

SuperSaiyan44343d ago

Sorry to burst your fanboy bubble but lets see now, DOA4 came out last year, still no PS3 in site then and even now no PS3 for EUROPE. A whole extra year to work on a fighting game or any game for that matter is enough to allow a developer to do many things to a game.
Oh and you are not lucky at all, Sony have lost lots of their exclusives I mean look at the recent 2 losses. 360 also has many other great games that outshine the PS3 games and they should considering the GPU in the 360 is FAR more advanced than the PS3 gpu.

Bhai4342d ago

VF5 was being played in the same quality in the last year TGS, didn't you read right ? Go on, check out it was running with all these arenas and next-gen features 3 months before DOA4 was released. So in all the debate, DOA4 still was nothing but an upgrade on DOA-Ultimate, but VF5 has always been total next-gen, yeah, it was completed on arcades 3 months before DOA4, so you better get concerned about your fanboy-istic bubbles from now on buddy !

kingboy4343d ago

i played this game last month and boy..! it`s freaking great 10/10

THAMMER14343d ago

One of the best fighting games ever.

drewdrakes4343d ago

Holy crap, the water effects do look amazing, way to go Mr. Developer.

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