IKEA Invasion: The Sims 2 "Ikea Home Stuff" Expansion Gameplay Trailer

Kotaku writes: "This hits close to home, because home is a $hithole (that's what $1500 rents you in Silicon Valley) and I'll soon be paying IKEA plenty to make it look less so, because it's right around the corner in the East P.A. and I can't afford Ethan Allen. And if you want to trick out your Sims pad with Bjarnum or Hensvik or Diktad or whatever fake words the Swedes come up with next, that expansion pack has now dropped (as of Thursday). This is the trailer showing all the $hit you'll be throwing in your Sim dumpster in three years."

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Charmers3766d ago

Watch that trailer and feel the life draining from you. I mean it is just ridiculour 16 expansions for a game. Not so much a case of "milking the cow" more a case of "butchering it and eating the testicles of the cow too".